The Restaurant That Might Truly Challenge You in Disney World

There are a LOT of restaurants in Disney World, some of which are located in spots you’ll have to take a trek to get to — but which ones are worth it?

Gran Destino Tower

With dozens of restaurants located at Disney World’s hotels, you may also be missing out on some hidden gems without even realizing it! We’ve already shared our list of the best restaurants in Disney World for 2023 and the best value fast food restaurants for 2023. But today we’re taking a trip to one tucked-away spot to see if it’s something you’ve got to add to your must-try list!


Toledo — Tapas, Steak & Seafood is located at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, on the top of the Gran Destino Tower. It offers a rooftop dining experience with small plates inspired by flavors from Spain.

The on-stage tapas kitchen serves up various small plates and cheeses, but you can also pick from larger entrees. Plus you’ll find over 50 choices of wines selected by their Master Sommelier, as well as cocktails, beers, and more.

A Look Inside

The real kicker here though is that setting. There are floor-to-ceiling windows with views out to Walt Disney World that are truly spectacular! And the decor inside is gorgeous too with some vaulted and backlit ceilings and even 2 olive trees!

View from Toledo

Time your visit right, and you might just be able to catch fireworks from this spot.


Toledo is only open for dinner, so don’t plan on grabbing lunch here. Here’s a full look at its current dinner menu!

You can start things off with a number of tapas and starters.


If you’d prefer a meal with a few courses already selected for you, you can get the Chef’s Signature Dinner for Two for $155.


If you opt to create your own meal, then you might want to pick up an entree or two.


There are also side items…




…a kids’ menu…


…kids’ drinks and drinks without alcohol…


…beers, ciders, hot drinks with alcohol…




…more wines and dessert spirits…


…and specialty cocktails.


So just what did we pick up to eat? Well, let’s dive into our review!


For our dinner, we started things off with the Pan con Tomate (which translates from Spanish to English as bread with tomato). This dish features Crushed Tomato, Garlic, Olive Oil, and Charred Bread and it is plant-based.

Pan con Tomate and a View

One of our reporters who tried this is a plant-based eater and they described this as “toast done right.” It had a LOT of great flavors. You might look at the ingredients for this dish and be thinking “I could make that at home easily! What makes this so special?” Well, we think that what takes this relatively simple dish to the next level is the quality of the ingredients.

You Can Taste the Quality

They are of an incredibly high quality and that makes this dish incredibly flavorful and unlike anything you’d likely be able to whip up at home.

The crunch of the toast was great, the spices tasted wonderfully fresh, and all of our reporters who tried it really loved it! You can get this for $12.

Dig In!

Next, it was time to dig into the Rioja-Braised Chorizo. This is made of Spanish-style Sausage, Rioja Wine, and Onions and is priced at $15.

Another Appetizer

This dish was VERY rich! You could really taste the red wine and the sausage, and their flavors, mixed together, were fantastic.

Our one caveat — this could be a difficult dish for picky eaters to enjoy. It was really peppery, to the point of being spicy, which was accentuated by the wine. If that’s a flavor profile you’re not used to eating, this could be a tough dish to enjoy.

Would You Try It?

But for us, the flavors were fantastic, the onions added a great touch, and the buttery toast served as the perfect vessel to soak up that tasty sauce!

Get Us the Toast!

From the tapas and starters, we moved into our entrees. Our first entree was the Rioja-Braised Chicken. This dish is priced at $30 and features Roasted Tomato Bomba Rice, Grapes, and Crispy Potatoes.

Time to Eat!

The skin of the chicken was very crispy, in the best way possible! But the star here might just be those grapes. Our reporters described them as “literal fireworks of flavor.” Talk about some excitement! 💥

The dish has a strong vinegar and garlic flavor, which we really enjoyed. The white meat chicken was flavorful and sort of moist, but it was a little chewy — so just be prepared for that. The dark meat, on the other hand, was extremely juicy and just falls apart in your mouth.

Chicken Dish

The dish as a whole looks exciting, but doesn’t taste nearly as exciting as it looks unless you get a grape — so be sure to grab those with each bite if possible!

The rice it was served with was tasty and well-cooked. Unfortunately, some of the veggies served with it tasted strangely like a canned veggie soup or minestrone, so that was a less-than-ideal portion of the dish. But those grapes are where it’s AT.

Get a Grape!

Next, we turned to the Braised Lamb Shank. This is priced at $37 and features Olive Oil-Potato Purée, Rosemary-roasted Garlic Gravy, Huckleberry Jam, and English Peas. Potatoes and huckleberries?! HELLO sweet and savory! This combination totally worked.

The Lamb

The huckleberry jam did just sort of taste like the blueberries you’d find in a can to make blueberry cobbler or muffins, which was a little bit of a disappointment. But they still delivered in terms of flavor.

The lamb fell right off the bone and was incredibly tender. But there were some interesting flavors and textures here too. One of our reporters said that they felt like the lamb almost tasted like corned beef and had a weirdly slimy texture. But they still felt like the blueberries and lamb went together really well. Another one of our reporters loved the potatoes but was not as big of a fan of the lamb.

It Can Get Mixed Opinions

So this might be a bit more of a divisive dish. Keep that in mind if you’ll be traveling in a bigger group and hoping to get a dish to share that everyone will enjoy.

Lamb Shank

Then it was time to dive into a plant-based entree — the Brick Oven Cauliflower. This is priced at $30 and comes with Carrot Romesco, Artichoke Pistou, Cured Tomatoes, and Cilantro Crema.


Our plant-based eater tackled this one and shared their thoughts. The initial flavor hit that you get from this is of char. Because of that char taste that hits you right at the front, it sort of gives you a steak-like effect.

Of course, it doesn’t have the texture or flavor of an actual steak, but that char flavor (which often comes on a steak or burger) is there.

Another one of our reporters who tried this shared that to them it tasted almost like a burger that had been on the grill too long though. Not exactly ideal.

What Do You Think?

Unfortunately, there was just something about the flavor of the cauliflower combined with the aftertaste it had and the aftertaste of the char that created a strange lingering flavor.

Our plant-based eater shared that after that initial impression, they were very hesitant about the dish as a whole. But when they really dove in and started eating, they found a lot of surprise flavors hidden in the dish. Rather than being a dry, bland cauliflower, there were punches of flavor from some of the sauces drizzled on the top and side.

The Sauces Made It Better

Our tip? If you’re going to order this, ask for WAY more sauce. The Carrot Romesco was our favorite, so it’s the one we’d ask for more of. But just keep in mind that the char flavor, mixed with other flavors, can create a strange aftertaste.

Worth a Try Or No?

Then we grabbed a side item to give it a try — the Blistered Shishito Peppers. These are plant-based and priced at $8. About every 1 in 10 of these are spicy, making it a bit of a gamble in terms of which one you’ll get! One of our reporters got a pepper that was spicy, but our other reporter got some that were extremely mild.

It’s a Luck of the Draw!

These could be a great, fun option for plant-based eaters, but our whole team (including the non-plant-based eaters) really loved these. The seasoning on them was great, as well as the lemon juice that had been added.

One of our reporters said it was their FAVORITE thing on the entire table, so it might be a side worth trying even if it’s something you’d not normally opt for!

Just Be Careful — You Might Get a Spicy One!

Finally, it was time to turn from the savory to the sweet! For dessert, we started with The Toledo Tapas Bar. It is priced at $12 and is a dessert that features the flavors of Spanish Coffee, crunchy Chocolate, Raspberry Mousse, and Lemon Curd. Ours also had a cheesecake component.


This was really fun and enjoyable! The cheesecake and lemon curd were very good, and we really liked how the lemon and chocolate complemented one another. The coffee had a strong flavor, leaning toward the bitter side. But if you’re a coffee-lover, we think you’ll really enjoy it! And the raspberry flavor was wonderfully light, making it a good addition to the mix.

A Closer Look

Truthfully, it was hard to pick a favorite flavor. The toppings all made the extremely chocolatey bar have a slightly different flavor, giving you a fun experience with different bites. It’s certainly one for people who like chocolate, but even if you don’t absolutely love chocolate we still think the other flavors might make it enjoyable.

A Peek Inside

Finally, we ended things with the plant-based Chocolate-Avocado Mousse. It’s priced at $10 and is served with Strawberry-Basil Sorbet and Coconut Crumble. Our plant-based eater was the main one who tried this, and unfortunately, their experience didn’t start out great.

Our Next Dessert

Their first bite was absolutely a negative experience and they shared that it “scarred them.” The flavor combination was unconventional and that initially made them feel like this tasted really bad. As they went on, however, they tasted the basil in the sorbet and realized that was the culprit.

The basil, when mixed in with the chocolate, had a confusing effect on their palate and almost gave the sensation that something had gone wrong in the kitchen. But, sometimes you need to move past the first few bites to truly experience the dessert, so they ate on!

It Can Be Off Putting at First

And as they ate, their opinion changed! The dish started to grow on them as the herbaceous earthiness to the ice cream added a unique flavor. There were also some little items made of sugar that would throw in a burst of sweetness when eaten, so that was nice. Truthfully, though, the chocolate sauce and the graham cracker crumbs could have been the whole dessert and we probably would have enjoyed just that.

If you do try this, just be aware that the basil in the ice cream can be offputting at first, but it might grow on you!

A Closer Look

And that brings us to the end of our Toledo experience! Let’s go over some final thoughts.

Nosh or Not

Rush to Toledo if:

  • You want to dine at a restaurant with a view
  • You enjoy tapas-style eating and sharing plates with friends
  • You’re looking for some more unique flavors

Skip Toledo if:

  • You are on a tight budget (the items here can be pricey and can add up if you’re grabbing several to share)
  • You’re looking for simpler flavors to satisfy picky eaters
  • You want to go to a spot that’s more central (this is a bit more tucked away since it is all the way over at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort)


Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at Toledo, though some parts went better than others. The Pan con Tomate really showcased the high-quality ingredients used here, the Chorizo dish was very rich, and the Rioja-Braised Chicken had those grapes that were little “fireworks of flavor!” Plus, we really loved the Shishito Peppers and the signature dessert was fun.

But some of the dishes can be difficult for picky eaters, the Brick Oven Cauliflower had that char flavor and other flavors that created a strange aftertaste, and the Chocolate Avocado Mousse was extremely off-putting at first. Some of its dishes might truly challenge you to move past those first few bites to get to better flavors or flavors that grow on you.

Some dishes were winners, while others would not be ranked as high on our list.

Our Entrees

If you’re looking for a unique restaurant with beautiful views, some tasty eats, and a tapas-style menu (with entrees too) then this might be a perfect out-of-the-way restaurant to try. But it isn’t necessarily for everyone. What do you think? Would you visit? Tell us in the comments!

Beautiful Decor

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