Seven Baby Hedgehogs Have Arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

When new babies arrive at Animal Kingdom, it’s always exciting because the park continues to expand its animal family. Recently, a baby Okapi, Beni, was born into the Animal Kingdom family. Today seven hedgehogs joined the team. Yes, you read that right, seven.

Dr. Mark Penning, the Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment, shared this news on Instagram with the cutest photos. The best part of all of this is the name of the mom hedgehog, Glitter Toaster Strudel. Is that not the cutest name of all time?

To be more specific, these are lesser Madagascar tenrec hedgehogs, and as of right now, they will be kept backstage at Rafiki’s Planet Watch to spend time with their mom and dad. I can’t wait for the day they are put onstage for guests to see and admire.

Will you be looking for these hedgehog babies on your next Animal Kingdom trip? Let us know in the comments.