See Why the STAR of This Disney Buffet Is a Plain White Bread Roll

A top bucket list item for many Disney fans is a trip to Tokyo Disneyland. Tokyo Disneyland has its own version of many iconic Disney rides (including Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion) as well as some attractions unique to this park.

Beauty and the Beast Attraction at Tokyo Disneyland ©Tokyo Disneyland

Another reason to head to this Disney park is for the FOOD! We’re taking you with us to a restaurant located at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotelcome along to check out the Sherwood Garden Restaurant and find out if this spot will make the cut for your dream Tokyo Disneyland trip.

To find the Sherwood Garden Restaurant, you’ll head to the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, which is the closest hotel to the entrance of Tokyo Disneyland. This hotel has a Victorian-style atmosphere with a grand entrance and luxurious features throughout.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The rooms inside are themed to Disney movies, like Alice in Wonderland.


The Sherwood Garden Restaurant serves food in a buffet style, with different menus for different times of the year. Currently, they’re serving a Disney Halloween buffet for lunch and dinner (breakfast stays the same year-round), but soon that will change to the Disney Christmas lunch and dinner buffet (from November 1st through December 25th). Later on, it’ll be the Year End & New Year lunch and dinner buffet (from December 26th through January 9th, 2023).


Here’s a look at the pricing for this spot:

Lunch Buffet

  • Adults (13 years and older): weekdays — $32 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays — $35.50
  • Children ages 7 to 12 years old: weekdays — $23 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays — $32
  • Children ages 4 to 6 years old: weekdays — $16.40 / Saturdays and Sundays Holiday — $16.40

Dinner Buffet

  • Adults (13 years and older): weekdays — $41 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays — $44.40
  • Children ages 7 to 12 years old: weekdays — $27/  Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays — $27
  • Children ages 4 to 6 years old: weekdays — $20 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays — $20


To book your reservations, head to the Tokyo Disneyland page and choose the date and time for your reservation. Here’s a quick look at when you can book Priority Seating dining reservations at Tokyo Disneyland:

  • If you booked a Disney Hotel through the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations & Tickets website: Until 60 minutes before your day of visit (or until 8:59 p.m. the day before if booked with Online Reservation Privileges).
  • If you booked through a travel agent or if you’re not staying at a Disney hotel: Up to three months in advance on the same day of your visit. (From 10:00 a.m. three months before the day of your visit until 60 minutes before your visit; Chef Mickey reservations are accepted from 10:00 a.m. one month before your day of visit.)
  • If you booked through DVC: Available once booking has been confirmed.

Now that you’ve got a handle on the logistics, let’s head into the restaurant!


The restaurant is named after the Victorian-style garden that you can see from the restaurant’s windows. Inside, you’ll find a color scheme of green and gold, with ornate bird cages decorating one part of the dining room.

Inside the restaurant

There are options for both tables with chairs and booths, with some booths having luxurious, high-backed benches.


Here’s a closer look at one of the booths.

Our booth

The buffet was located through a large entrance, just off the main dining room. Once you are seated, you can head to the buffet to start your meal!

Dining room

There is the main buffet as well as a kids’ buffet, which is set at a lower height so that kids can access the food. During lunch and dinner, the kids’ buffet table has Mickey Mouse plates!


The menu at this buffet is a mix of familiar eats and more unique options. For the Halloween buffet, many of the items have spooky touches, like little ghost decals or spider web designs.


There are both cold and hot dishes available, like the chilled sweet potato soup and the grilled salmon.

Buffet line

Other options on the buffet line include a tuna and cottage cheese salad, duck breast and lentil terrine (dinner only), lamb cacciatore style (lunch only), salmon grilled in black bread crumbs Duxelles sauce, pear and dry-cured ham pizza, pumpkin bread, pear and chestnut danishes, caramel pudding, and Gateau Marjolaine.


To start, we ordered the Halloween drink, which you can purchase at an extra cost. It came with a little pipette to insert more flavoring into the drink! Each of the seasonal buffets has its own special drink.

Halloween Special Drink

Now on to the food! There were a few starter options on the buffet, like this tuna and cottage cheese salad

Tuna and Cottage Cheese Salad

sliced vegetables in a dipping sauce…


…and little cups of fruit.


You could also get white bread rolls, which may look unassuming at first, but these were actually one of our favorite parts of the whole buffet. Why? Just wait until you see them individually plated.

White Bread Rolls

They looked like Donald Duck diving through an inner tube! How cute is that?

So cute!

For the entrées, there was chicken and pumpkin cream pasta

Chicken and Pumpkin Cream Pasta

fried chicken (one of the more plain options available, but good for kids or picky eaters!)…

Fried Chicken

…and a meat and rice gratin

Meat and Rice Gratin

There was also a carving station where you could order meat to be carved at the buffet table.

Carving station

More entrées include this mushroom pasta

Mushroom Pasta

mushroom rice

Mushroom Rice

…and pepper steak pasta.

Pepper Steak Pasta

The Salmon Escabeche was individually plated in these cute containers, with garnishes on top.

Salmon Escabeche

We also saw soy-simmered chicken and radishes

Soy-Simmered Chicken and Radish

…and a steamed chicken dish with green onion sauce.

Steamed Chicken

There were a few soups in the buffet, including turnip and bacon cream soup

Turnip and Bacon Cream Soup

fish ball soup

Fish Ball Soup

…and the chilled purple sweet potato soup, which had Halloween decorations swirled on top!

Chilled Purple Sweet Potato Soup

Rounding out the savory options, there were various steamed vegetables for the side dishes.

Steamed Vegetables

Now on to dessert! There was a strawberry cake that said “Tokyo Disney Resort” on the top…

Tokyo Disney Resort cake

pumpkin bread

Pumpkin Bread

…and a muscat jellied dessert.

Muscat Jellied Dessert

Some of the Halloween treats were highly decorated, like this Halloween bundt cake.

Halloween Bundt Cake

We loved the little Mickey and Minnie decorations on this Halloween dessert!

Halloween Dessert

The baked cheesecake had a spooky castle on it with the words “Disney Halloween 2022” on top.

Halloween Cake

We also spotted pumpkin cream puffs

Pumpkin Cream Puff

…a ghost-topped caramel pudding

Caramel Pudding

pear mousse

Pear Mousse

custard pudding, and orange mousse.

Custard Pudding and Orange Mousse

Each time you visited the buffet, there was a station where you could put on plastic gloves. We thought the little glove-dispensing machine was pretty cool! There were also instructions to wear a face mask and disinfect your hands before going down the buffet line.

Glove machine

Overall, the food at this restaurant was very high quality for a buffet. There was a good variety, from comfortable favorites like fried chicken and creamy pumpkin soup to more adventurous options like fish ball soup and muscat jelly.

All the eats

If you’re visiting Tokyo Disneyland soon, be sure to check out this spot! And stay tuned to DFB for more reviews of all the food at every Disney park.

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