Repainting of Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel Begins at Disneyland Resort

As work continues to transform Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel into Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel, we noticed that the exterior of the hotel has begun repainting. So we headed down to the site to take a look for ourselves!

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Currently themed as a “fun-in-the-sun” hotel, the sand-like coloring of the exterior is being painted over. The main color is white with light blue trim.

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Recently, we saw crews taking down the iconic lighted waves from the rooftops, and other accents have also been removed over the past several months.

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From this side, we have a better look at the light blue trim.

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The main entrance and the lobby are closed due to the ongoing construction, and more wave theming has been removed from the porte-cochere. We have a much better look at the steel frame structure which supports the porte-cochere thanks to this work.

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Above is a photo of the porte-cochere from the end of September of this year.

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The alcoves are being painted with a primer.

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The hotel has a surprisingly long history. The building originally opened in 1984 as The Emerald of Anaheim, owned by the massive Tokyu Group conglomerate, which owns several train lines and an extensive bus network around Tokyo as well as plenty of land holdings. This was of course during Japan’s infamous Bubble Era when massive investments were coming out of the country to showcase its wealth. Its name changed to the Pan Pacific Anaheim after some internal reorganization, then was purchased from Tokyu by Disney in 1995 and renamed the Disneyland Pacific Hotel. Finally in October of 2000, the hotel was transformed once again into Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel, keeping in theme with the nearby area at the then-unfinished Disney’s California Adventure park.

With the Pixar transformation, this will mark the hotel’s fourth rebranding since it opened in 1984.

Stay tuned for more updates on this hotels transformation.

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