Rapunzel’s Tower Nearly Complete, Rockwork Scaffolds Coming Down in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

While construction does seem to be slowing a bit in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea, the project is still coming along, and there’s been visible progress at the site! So let’s take a look at what’s happening.

Fantasy Springs Hotel

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 54
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 3

There’s been little movement outside the hotel’s north-facing side, with most work likely taking place inside to get fittings installed.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 4
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 55

Curtains are in place around every guest room, making it seem at least like interior work is already well underway.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 5
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 6

Landscaping remains limited, and the soil looks fresh. It will probably still be some time before flowers and/or grass are installed.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 10
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 58

Rockwork is nearly complete on the fountain set to be in place outside the hotel.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 8
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 57
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 12

Also nearing completion is the porte-cochere dome outside the hotel’s main entrance. While the entire structure is still rather boxy, it’s nice to see some features getting love.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 11
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 14
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 15
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 16
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 17

Scaffolds are down entirely around the walkway cover, which flanks the hotel’s main entrance.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 19

A small structure is under construction next to Bayside Station, presumably an entrance for hotel guests to use when visiting Tokyo DisneySea. I wonder if guests at the surrounding resorts will be able to use this entrance after park open, like at the Hotel MiraCosta?

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 50
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 61
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 51

On the back side, much more of the scaffolds are coming down, and the ornate dome in what we presume is the hotel lobby is nearing completion. When it’s done, it will look just like a crown!

Peter Pan area

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 20

Work continues in the Peter Pan area of the land.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 21

Dirt has been added to the berm structure behind the Pixie Hollow dark ride, we can only assume trees aren’t far behind to hide the Official Hotels from inside the park. A large purple plant has also been installed behind the ride. We can also see rockwork which will help break up pathways underway.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 22
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 23
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 59

There’s little change on the Neverland mountains, the steel supports presumably to hold clouds are still jutting out from the tallest peaks, and only a few clouds have been installed.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 45

Structures across from the Pixie Hollow dark ride are still coming into their own. It looks like a fake tree is under construction.

Tangled Area

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 44

Scaffolds are coming down around the rocks which surround Rapunzel’s famous tower. Looks like the work is nearly done!

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 24

While no new scaffolds seem to have come down in the area otherwise, her tower is definitely nearing completion compared to our last visit.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 35

A close look reveals painting is nearly complete, and we won’t see

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 26

A few more smaller structures are still under construction by The Snuggly Duckling, we can see a blue roof through the scaffolds.

Frozen area

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 30

Things seem to be wrapping up around the North Mountain. More scaffolds are down at its peak, and painting is just about complete.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 31
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 32
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 46

This seems to be the area that still needs the most help, much of it is still only steel frames. With construction slowing down, hopefully, it isn’t a long wait before more work is done.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 41
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 37

It seems painting on the North Mountain is being done in phases. With the upper section now complete, work can begin on the middle and lower areas to get them ready for guests.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 60

If you look closely, one of the Arendelle buildings looks to be farther along than the rest of the Frozen area, with a brown roof very much visible under scaffolds.

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 53
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 52

From the back side of the North Mountain, we can see there’s still work to be done. But there’s plenty of time, fiscal 2023 does end on March 31, 2024!

Entrance Area

FantasySpringsConstruction102422 47
FantasySpringsConstruction102422 63

Rockwork is well underway at the future entrance of the land. We’re so close to hearing rushing waterfalls and seeing thousands of guests streaming into this $2 billion expansion, and yet so far away. Keep watching WDWNT as we continue checking in on the construction here!

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