PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour The Game-Themed Great Escape Lakeside Estate in Central Florida

Last week, WDWNT was invited to experience a massive 13-bedroom mansion in the Orlando area with a litany of games to enjoy and experience. Now we’re going to take you on a full tour of The Great Escape Lakeside!

TheGreatEscapeMansion 1 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 2 scaled

The mansion is located off its own access road, where a large wooden sign with the Monopoly “GO” sign directs you toward the games-themed estate’s entrance.

Great Escape Lakeside is a game-themed mansion that has been featured on TV, as well as the Guinness Book of World Records (for worlds largest word search). The home has 13 bedrooms and can fit 45 people, making it perfect for a family reunion. The home features a Jumanji-inspired cinema, a Las Vegas room with slot machines, a poker table, and a golden toilet, a CLUE escape room, a Monopoly room, Scrabble room, Operation room with a MASSIVE operation game on the wall, a laser maze suite, a mind-games room, Pac-Man room, war games room, Pictionary and more! There is a giant Lite-Brite as well as TONS of arcade games! You can even play multiple games like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Family Feud and more on the game show system which doubles as karaoke!

TheGreatEscapeMansion 3 scaled

The property is located on the shores of Lake Wash, about 40 minutes from Downtown Orlando and around an hour from the Magic Kingdom.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 87
TheGreatEscapeMansion 88

The house can appear unassuming from the outside, as long as you ignore the giant Mr. Monopoly statue atop the gable roof.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 27 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 28 scaled

Once you step inside, things get crazy quickly!

TheGreatEscapeMansion 30 scaled

The house has 13 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, each with its own theme. The living room carries a classic games theme, complete with a giant chess board along the door to the backyard.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 33 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 34 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 35 scaled

The kitchen features some clever decorations.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 36 scaled

All the appliances you might need are available.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 37 scaled

The first bedroom is the Scrabble room, with Scrabble tiles dotting the walls, Scrabble-themed bedsheets, and even tiles on the floor forming a giant Scrabble board! Plus there are several books in the room, all of which pertain to the game.


Adjacent is the Monopoly bedroom. The two twin beds are Chance and Community Chest card stacks, the tables are your dice, and even the ceiling fan blades resemble Monopoly money! The walls are also covered in various Monopoly spots.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 38 scaled

These first two bedrooms share a Monopoly Water Works-themed jack-and-jill bathroom space.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 39 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 40 scaled

Now, we “step right up” into the carnival games-themed suite! This room features a king bed along with several playable carnival games including Tip-A-Troll, a prize wheel, goldfish bowl-style toss games, and Wiffle ball.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 41 scaled

Movie buffs might also recognize the working Zoltar fortune teller machine from the Tom Hanks film “Big.”

TheGreatEscapeMansion 42 scaled

“I wish I was big.”

TheGreatEscapeMansion 43 scaled

The en-suite bathroom also features a walk-in shower and oversized bathtub.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 44 scaled

It keeps with the carnival theme as well!

TheGreatEscapeMansion 45 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 47 scaled

The next suite pays tribute to high rollers everywhere with a casino theme. In the room are two slot machines, a blackjack table, and even a fake Las Vegas skyline window! Giant casino chips are also stuck to the ceiling.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 48 scaled

The en-suite bathroom here also follows the casino theme, with giant playing cards on the walls and shower curtain.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 49 scaled

Probably the most striking feature is this gold and silver toilet!

TheGreatEscapeMansion 50 scaled

Right next to the casino bedroom is the Jumanji-themed movie theater.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 51 scaled

Portraits of the “Jumanji” characters are painted on the walls. Leather reclining chairs fill the space, and guests can choose from a number of DVD and Blu-Ray selections as well as internet streaming apps of their choice.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 52 scaled

Classic movie posters line the hall along the theater.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 53 scaled

There are two Clue-themed bedrooms, which tie together with the jack-and-jill bathroom to make an actual escape room! The red clue room is themed to the butler.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 54 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 55 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 59 scaled

The green Clue room is themed to the six suspects and features a 1940s billiards pub aesthetic.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 60 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 61 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 62 scaled

One of the more striking features is the Clue-themed comforter, which takes inspiration from the cult-classic film.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 57 scaled

The bathroom between the two Clue bedrooms features painted portraits of the game’s suspects.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 58 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 64 scaled

The smallest bedroom in the house is the Dungeons and Dragons room.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 65 scaled

Appropriately themed like a dungeon, there are no windows and the room is very long and narrow.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 66 scaled

There’s also no attached bathroom.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 67 scaled

The staircase features a Nintendo theme, with a full Donkey Kong level on the wall and various Nintendo plush on a shelf above.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 68 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 69 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 70 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 71 scaled

The games living room upstairs features a number of playable iconic games, like Plinko from “The Price is Right,” Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Family Feud, and more.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 72 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 73 scaled

There’s also a billiards table at the center.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 74 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 75 scaled

Two arcade cabinets line the balcony door.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 76 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 77 scaled

Next in the bedroom lineup is Pictionary, with a yellow and blue theme.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 78 scaled

The bathroom carries on this theme as always, and includes an in-wall Etch-a-Sketch for those bathroom musings.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 79 scaled

Next up is the laser escape bedroom. True to its theme, there’s an actual laser maze inside.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 80 scaled

You can crawl under and climb over these lasers to reach the finish, right in your bedroom.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 81 scaled

The bathroom follows a similar design language but without the laser beams, of course.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 82 scaled

Ready for some war games? Plan out your perfect battle strategy in this room which pays tribute to games like Risk and Stratego.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 84 scaled

Last but not least, the mind games-themed bedroom plays plenty of tricks on you with its puzzle-themed decor.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 85 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 86 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 83 scaled

The attached bathroom is themed like a Rubik’s Cube.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 4 scaled

The fun doesn’t end when you step outside.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 5 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 6 scaled

A basketball court, giant chess (just like inside), and giant Connect 4 are all ready for you outside.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 10 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 7 scaled

If you want to get more active, you can climb into a giant rubber ball and play human bowling.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 8 scaled

If human foosball is your speed, you can hang off metal poles and give it a try for yourself!

TheGreatEscapeMansion 9 scaled

Giant pool, anyone?

TheGreatEscapeMansion 12 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 13 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 14 scaled

Paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes are all available for taking out on Lake Wash.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 15 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 16 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 17 scaled

There’s a large patio around the pool with plenty of seating.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 18 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 19 scaled

The diamond-shaped pool features a lazy river around the edge, a regular pool with an outlet for the water slide at the center, and a hot tub at the very center top.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 22 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 21 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 24 scaled
TheGreatEscapeMansion 25 scaled

Play 20 questions, “the game where ya get grilled,” while cooking burgers in the outdoor kitchen area.

TheGreatEscapeMansion 23 scaled

If you’re interested in staying, price points are as follows:

  • Weeknights (off-peak): $1495/night
  • Thursday-Saturday Nights (off-peak): $1680/night
  • Weeknights (mid-season): $1595/night
  • Thursday-Saturday Nights (peak): $1780/night
  • Weeknights (peak): $1695/night
  • Thursday-Saturday Nights (peak): $1880/night
  • Weeks Of Xmas/T-Giving/New Year’s: $1895-2080/night

This can work out to as little as $30 per person per night when a large family stays in the house.

Watch our video of The Great Escape Lakeside below.

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