PHOTOS: See the Big Construction CHANGES at the Moana Attraction in EPCOT

Is there anything more exciting than a NEW attraction in Disney World?


We’re gearing up for several new additions, including the TRON coaster, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the PLAY! Pavilion, and of course, Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana. And if that last one piqued your interest, we’ve got a big construction update for you!

We’re keeping a close eye on the construction progress with the massive EPCOT transformation, and recently, we’ve spotted some changes. First of all, we’ve got some changes in the back of World Celebration, closer to World Showcase. It looks like a concrete platform has been constructed that might eventually become part of CommuniCore Plaza. On top of it, two concrete structures have been added.

You can see the platform from the monorail.

On the World Nature side, there are some significant updates to Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana. More painting has been done on the “rocks” and new white structures have been added all around. They sort of look like unpainted tree trunks.

Journey of Water Construction

They look somewhat similar to the lamppost designs we’ve seen in the concept art for this attraction, given their curved structure. There’s no guarantee that that’s what these will be, but it’s one possibility based on their repeated placement throughout the space and similar shapes.


We’re also really starting to see the mapped-out walking path through the attraction, and they’ve made significant progress in detailing the work that was already done. Most of the structures are still covered in scaffolding, likely for the aforementioned detail work and painting.

Things are changing!

As you get closer to Spaceship Earth, there are two metal pavilions with concrete walls being constructed next to them. It seems like this area is in the earlier stages of construction. There are a lot of materials stored in this area, so there’s likely more to come.

Closer to Spaceship Earth

When the entire area is covered with construction walls, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how massive this space is. At the moment, there’s still some more empty space up by Spaceship Earth, likely because the Moana construction is taking priority.

Plenty of space!

That’s our full update for now, but we’ll be on the lookout for more changes in the coming weeks and months! Keep in mind that the Moana attraction is supposed to open in the latter part of 2023, and World Celebration is expected to be completed in EPCOT in 2023, so we’ve still got a ways to go. Disney hasn’t announced a more specific opening timeline yet.

If you’re hyped about Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana, make sure to check out full post where we break down the concept art and everything that could be coming to this space. It’s going to be a walkthrough offering, where guests can interact with water.


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