PHOTOS: Holiday Weekend Crowds SURPRISED Us in Disney World

It’s a busy time of year at Disney World, and chances are it’s only going to get even busier!

How crowded is Disney World?

We’re in the parks every single day checking out anything and everything new or interesting that you might need to know about on your next visit, and that includes monitoring those pesky crowds. No matter when you’re heading to the parks, it’s always a good idea to check the latest wait times and see how busy the parks have been, especially on holidays so let’s take a look at Disney World crowds for today, Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

Disney World can be SUPER busy during holiday weekends, and we’ve been keeping an eye on the crowds throughout the parks this weekend to see if it would be any different. But, what do the parks look like today, on the actual holiday? Let’s take a look!

Hello, spooky balloons!

We started off by visiting the OG Disney World park, Magic Kingdom! This park tends to see the heaviest crowds and some pretty long wait times, but this morning, the park felt less busy than it had over this past weekend. There weren’t even any lines at the gates! Could it be that the crowds went home before the actual holiday?

Magic Kingdom entrance

Even after we walked in, we were able to see a pretty clear path down Main Street, U.S.A. towards Cinderella Castle — oftentimes, you’ll find wall-to-wall people bumping shoulders all the way down Main Street. Luckily, we didn’t run into that on our visit today!

Main Street, U.S.A.

As we got further into the park, it looked like the crowds dispersed even further. In Liberty Square, there were hardly any people around…

Liberty Square

…even over in areas where it tends to bottleneck and get packed easily! If crowds came to Disney World for the holiday, they haven’t shown up at Magic Kingdom yet!

Where are the crowds?

But, what’s this? You thought all the Disney parks would be just as empty? Well, that doesn’t quite look like the case — at least during our EPCOT visit today!

EPCOT crowds

It looks like we finally found where those crowds were hiding — EPCOT was full of people today, unlike Magic Kingdom. Things were pretty crowded at the very entrance to the park…

Spaceship Earth

…and continued all the way back into the World Showcase — check out the crowds in the Mexico Pavilion!

Mexico Pavilion

We even ran into quite a large group of people shopping in Creations Shop as well. It could be that Magic Kingdom was less busy earlier today since there is a Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party tonight, and so guests are waiting to head there until later.

Likewise, if guests are planning their Magic Kingdom visit for this evening, it makes sense that the other Disney parks would be more crowded!

Creations Shop

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