PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 10/26/22 (MagicBand+ Public Release, Ride Interactions, Glow with the Show, and the Last of the Halloween Nighttime Photography)

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We headed down to the Disneyland Resort to test out the new features of the MagicBand+ that launched for everyone today, and we stayed through for some nighttime entertainment. So join us for this most recent photo report from both parks.

DLR Mickey Friends Parking Structure MagicBand sales kiosk 1

Our MagicBand+ day began even before we passed through security at the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure.

DLR Mickey Friends Parking Structure MagicBand sales kiosk

A new kiosk has been set up here just before security at the tram loading station for guests to purchase their MagicBand+ and have it linked before they reach the gates to use it for entering the park.

Disney California Adventure

DCA BVS Oswalds MagicBand sales

And, of course, MagicBand+ can be found all over both parks and Downtown Disney as well.

DCA AC WEB Slingers Preshow Room 1 empty

Another new feature of the MagicBand+ is ride interactions. We checked out a few rides around the parks to see what might happen with the band. Here at WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, we saw the band light up at the end of the ride.

DCA AC WEB Slingers MagicBand Interaction
DCA GP Soarin Queue

On Soarin’ Around the World, we saw another light-up feature in the exit hallway.

DCA GP Soarin MagicBand Interaction
DCA AC Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout Collector Statue

And on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, we got a light-up dance party in the exit way.

magicband effects gotg mission breakout 4

To see all the interactions we had with attractions on our MagicBand+, take a peek at the video below:

DCA AC Hulk Meet and Greet with Avengers logo

As we explored the rest of the park, we ran into some Avengers and checked out the Super Store featuring Avengers Campus.

DCA HWL Super Store Marvel Kitchenware collection 1

This new Marvel kitchenware set is sleek and classy, yet still properly themed for a Marvel fan.

DCA HWL Super Store Marvel Kitchenware collection 2
DCA HWL Super Store Stormbreaker toy

And a new, safer version of Thor’s axe Stormbreaker is now available as well. Much easier to get hit in the face by an excited kid with this foam one than the hard plastic one that is also available.

DCA HWL Super Store Marvel holiday collection Rocket and Groot stocking

And with Halloween season almost at an end, we’ve seen the Holiday merchandise rolling in to every corner of the resort. This new collection of Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday merchandise is perfect for celebrating across the galaxy.

DCA HWL Super Store Marvel holiday collection Groot youth pajamas
DCA PGP Little Mermaid Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations are also spreading across the parks, as we can see here at The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. These kelp garlands are so nice.

DCA PW Christmas Decorations 2

And over at Pacific Wharf, we have some aptly-themed garlands as well.


Pacific Wharf Cafe has a garland strung with sourdough bread boules and baguettes.

DCA PW Christmas Decorations 1

Cocina Cucamonga has dried chiles in their garland.

DCA PW Christmas Decorations 3

And Lucky Fortune Cookery has take-out boxes in their garland.

DCA GP Grizzly River Run Load station and sign Stock

Over in the Grizzly Peak area, we have some perfect fall scenes as we transition to Holiday decor.

DCA GP Holiday Decorations 1

These popcorn garlands strung between the pine trees are a simple but pretty decoration for the area.

DCA GP Holiday Decorations 2
DCA HWL Off the Page Holiday Disney Key ornament 2022

We found even more Holiday merchandise, like this 2022 Disney key ornament.

pixar holiday merch dl 2022 131438 scaled

And this collection of Pixar holiday merchandise featuring the cutest little nesting doll set, as seen below.

pixar holiday merch dl 2022 131719
DCA CL Sarges Surplus Hut Cars on the Road pillow blanket set

Speaking of Pixar merchandise, check out this super cool new pillow and blanket set from Cars Land.

DCA PGP Seaside Souvenirs Mexico Purse 1

And to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, we found a collection of papel picado, ‘Coco’ and other Mexico Pavilion merchandise from EPCOT.

DCA PGP Seaside Souvenirs Mexico Purse 2
DCA PGP Seaside Souvenirs Papel Picado ears
DCA PGP Pixar Pal A Round and beach stock

Let’s say goodbye for now and head over to


DL FA its a small world closed for holiday overlay

“it’s a small world” has closed for its transition to the Holiday overlay, coming November 11.

9CDD2F27 C046 482C 80A1 676F4B630063 scaled

And nearby, we can see the letters on the spire of the El CapiTOON Theater in Mickey’s Toontown as the new attraction is being built.

DL SWGE Batuu Bounty Hunters check in station

We headed up to Black Spire Outpost to try out the new Batuu Bounty Hunters game that is part of the MagicBand+ functionality.

DL SWGE Batuu Bounty Hunters Red band

It was rough-going for most of the time.

DL SWGE Millenium Falcon Smugglers Run at Sunset Stock

But we sure did have a beautiful afternoon on Batuu.

Take a look at our whole experience on our YouTube channel right here:

Disneyland Hotel

DLH Pool Sign and Monorail Slide stock disneyland hotel

Over at the Disneyland Hotel, construction is going strong at the new Disney Vacation Club tower being built next to the pool.

DLH Pool DVC Tower Construction
DLH Fantasy Tower Pumpkin carver 1

We also came by to meet the pumpkin carver, who is plying his trade on display at all three hotels of the Disneyland Resort.

DLH Fantasy Tower Pumpkin carver 2

He carves these beautiful pumpkins and then sets them out on an ever-growing display at the hotel.

DLH Fantasy Tower Pumpkin carver 3

Paradise Pier Hotel

PPH Stairwell Pumpkin carver display Mickey Pumpkin

He roams from one hotel to the other throughout the day, and the Mickey pumpkin at Paradise Pier Hotel is our clear favorite.

We were also here to check on the repainting progress as the retheme of the hotel is underway.

PPH Gift Shop MagicBand Display

And, of course, we found yet more MagicBand+ for sale in the temporary gift shop at Paradise Pier Hotel.

Disneyland (Night)

bruno magicband8 165154

When darkness fell, we headed back into Disneyland to catch some nighttime entertainment. This “Encanto” projection show on “it’s a small world” syncs up with the MagicBand+ to let them glow with the show. You can see the whole show right here:

DL NOS Holiday Decorations 2

Elsewhere in Disneyland, we found more Holiday decorations up. The classic Santa crescent moons are hung in the trees of New Orleans Square.

DL NOS Holiday Decorations 1

And wreaths line the wrought-iron railings of the upstairs balconies.

DL NOS Holiday Decorations 4

The balcony of Club 33 is lit in blue flood lights and periodically, they strobe bright white, as seen above and below.

DL NOS Holiday Decorations 3
DL AL Treehouse Lights on behind scrim

Even the still-closed Tarzan’s Treehouse had lights on, presumably for the workers inside more than for our interest as guests.

Disney California Adventure (Night)

DCA BVS Carthay Circle Restaurant Oogie Boogie projections for Halloween stock

Hopping back over to DCA, we get to see everything lit up for Halloween one last time.

DCA AC Avengers Campus Sign stock

In Avengers Campus, we got to help Dr. Strange defend our reality from Dormammu using our MagicBand+.

DCA AC Dr Strange Mysteries of the Mystic Arts MagicBand Interaction

This was a great show and a great interaction that really puts the Magic in MagicBand+. Take a look at the full show on YouTube below:

DCA AC Elsa Bloodstone meet and greet with Captain America

And, in a lovely surprise, we got to meet Elsa Bloodstone as she patrolled the campus.

DCA AC Elsa Bloodstone meet and greet at Ancient Sanctum

She even let us snap a nice picture at the Ancient Sanctum.

DCA PGP Golden Zephyr nighttime stock

It’s always nice to stroll around the parks at night and enjoy the lights.

This week, we have a series of parting shots from Cars Land as we prepare to celebrate and then say goodbye to Halloween. Let’s take a look around Cars Land at night.

DCA CL Halloween Lights in Cars Land Stock 3
DCA CL Halloween Lights in Cars Land Stock 4
DCA CL Flos V8 Cafe Neon Lights stock
DCA CL Halloween Lights in Cars Land Stock 1
DCA CL Halloween Lights in Cars Land Stock 2

Well, that’s it from us here at Disneyland. We’re glad you rode along. Be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think of the photo report. We’ll see ya real soon!

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