PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 10/11/22 (Long Lines, Cars Land Halloween, Beignet Ears, and Tons of Merch)

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We headed down to the Disneyland Resort to check in on everything that’s new, so join us for this most recent photo report from both parks.


First things first: the price hikes. We’ve had price increases for theme park tickets, Genie+, and individual Lightning Lane purchases already, and now we’ve had an increase in Preferred Parking rates. This is in addition to price hikes on merchandise, including Spirit Jerseys, which now start at $79.99, whereas before they started at $74.99. The magic is getting ever more expensive.

Disney California Adventure

DCA CL Radiator Springs Curios Halloween Porch Stand 3

In Cars Land, something long thought dead and gone is back. No, not the zombie car… a retail opportunity at Radiator Springs Curios.

DCA CL Radiator Springs Curios Halloween Porch Stand 2

The porch of the long-closed shop has new life with a kiosk selling customized leather bracelets.

DCA CL Radiator Springs Curios Halloween Porch Stand 1
DCA CL Ramones Ofrenda Halloween

And we stopped in at Ramone’s House of Body Art to see the ofrenda that is set up in honor of Doc Hudson, the Hudson Hornet.

DCA CL Halloween Posters 1

On the main drag, we finally have the Halloween-themed posters up at the Tractor Feed and Farm Truck Association Hall.

DCA CL Halloween Posters 2

The poster on the left, “Attack of the Space Zombies from Planet B,” is for the B-Movie that Lightning McQueen and Mater (almost) starred in for “Cars on the Road” on Disney+. It replaces the “Blackout on Route 66” poster from years past.

DCA CL Halloween Posters 3

Downtown Disney

DTD WoD Cars Road Trip Youth Jacket

Speaking of “Cars on the Road,” we found a new collection of toys and apparel for kids inside World of Disney.

DTD WoD Cars Road Trip Bomber Jacket Youth

We wish, above all things, that they made an adult-sized collection of this same merchandise. We can’t squeeze into this jumpsuit, but boy, did we try.

hulk nuimos plush dl 1 scaled

Another new arrival at World of Disney is a new nuiMOs plush of the Incredible Hulk.

DLHalloweenStitchMagnets2 scaled

And, as we still have a few weeks left in the Halloween season, we have some new magnets and sweatpants to celebrate the spookiest time of the year.

DTD WoD Mickey Minnie Retro Fuzzy Slippers

Another addition to the retro Mickey and Friends apparel collection is these slippers. They have super thick soles and are so fuzzy.


We also spotted this cheese board featuring the Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion.

DTD WoD Ratatouille recipe shirt

This pair of Ratatouille items celebrate the foods of Paris, both in the various kinds of cheese found in the city and with Chef Remy’s recipe for his famous ratatouille.

DTD WoD Ratatouille Paris City of Cheese Sweatshirt
DTD WoD Zootopia Collection Wide

We found a big new Zootopia collection here at World of Disney featuring a hoodie, button down shirts, accessories, and more.

DTD WoD Bruno Youth Shirt

We’d love to tell you about this shirt, or the below sweatshirt, both for kids. But we don’t talk about it, no, no, no.

DTD WoD Encanto Youth Sweatshirt
DTD WoD Haunted Mansion Mummy Long Sleeve Shirt

As we get closer to cooler weather here in LA, it’s the right time to stock up on warm clothing like this long-sleeved shirt featuring the Mummy from The Haunted Mansion.

DL DressShop Pink Plush Spirit Jersey

And some more warm wear, now from The Disney Dress Shop. This fuzzy Spirit Jersey is perfectly pink and ready for winter wear.

DL Dress Shop Mickey Minnie Cartigan

And we found a few more entries in the Mickey & Minnie apparel collection that we first spotted last week.

DL Dress Shop Aristocats Shirt

We also found some Aristocats apparel that will pair perfectly with the other Aristocats housewares that we recently found.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 44 scaled

The Vans x Disney collection for Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary has made its way over to Disneyland and can be found, while supplies last, in The Disney Dress Shop. These shoes were the last pair in the entire resort, and we were glad to see them before they sold out entirely.

WDWVansCollectionDisneyland 4 scaled
24DE1377 3271 415B B277 14D35C0ED115 scaled

We also went the distance to find some more pieces in the Hercules 25th anniversary collection, including this Loungefly bag and more.

87596E8B 72CA 4466 9FC1 7CA30D9563E0 scaled

And our final stop in Downtown Disney is here at the Home Store where the first of the Holiday merchandise has made its way on to shelves.


DL NOS Haunted mansion Holiday Lightning Lane Line

The Lightning Lane line for Haunted Mansion Holiday was crazy long today. Cast Members were saying 35 minutes, as the line continued to grow from there.

DL CC Haunted Mansion Holiday Lightning Lane Line End

Seeing the entrance line way out by Splash Mountain was definitely a sight.

DL CC Pooh Corner Oogie Boogie Candy Bag

At Pooh Corner, we found the true meaning of Halloween — candy! These Nightmare Before Christmas-themed candy containers were filled with various pumpkins and candy bugs.

DL CC Pooh Corner Jack and Sally Coffin Box Candy
DL CC Poohs Thoughtful Spot Rabbit Meeting

And just outside, we saw Rabbit greeting guests in Pooh’s thoughtful spot. It’s such a treat to for a character sighting who we don’t get to see that often.

Disneyland Eudora's Chic Boutique featuring Tiana's Gourmet Secrets Beignet headband wide view

At Eudora’s Chic Boutique, we found these beignet-scented ears that say “Beignet All Day” on the back. We don’t usually wear ears in the park, but this may be the exception because they smell so good.

Tron LE pin set D23 Expo front

On Main Street, U.S.A., we found a whole bunch of new pins that were, at one time, set to be exclusive for the D23 Expo last month. These didn’t sell out and have made their way over to Disneyland for anyone who missed them at the event.

Avatar pin LE

This Avatar one is just huge and the six posts on the copper-colored back are intense.

DL 20th Century Music Co Avatar Jumbo Pin
DL AL Trees

As we wrap up our tour, we took a walk around the park to see the beautiful sites as the clouds were breaking.

DL AL Trees 2
DL AL Jungle Cruise River Stock

A short downtime on Jungle Cruise allowed for some pristine pictures.

DL AL Jungle Cruise Dock Stock
DL TL Space Mountain Stock

One final parting shot from Tomorrowland. Our camera was dying and this was the last shot we got before the battery gave out. Worth it.

Well, that’s it from us here at Disneyland. We’re glad you rode along. Be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think of the photo report. We’ll see ya real soon!

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