OtterBox vs. FuelRods: Which Disney World Portable Charger Is Better?

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Going to Disney World ain’t like it used to be.

Cinderella Castle

There is a TON of planning involved, and a lot of that planning and more happens on your smartphone. From unlocking your Disney hotel room door, to checking the latest park showtimes, to even ordering your food and checking out at merch locations — you’re going to need your phone. And, that means your phone’s battery could get easily drained. There are a few different ways you can remedy this, and today we’re testing one out!

If you’ve been to the Disney parks lately, you know just how much time you’re kinda forced to spend on your phone. And while we do love the convenience the My Disney Experience app offers, it can be pretty draining on your phone battery.

Using your phone all day can drain your battery!

Enter portable chargers! They’re all the rage these days, and if you’ve been faced with a dead phone in Disney World you know just how handy they can be. We decided to test out a portable charger actually sold in Disney World — the 50th Anniversary Portable Charging Kit from OtterBox.

It’s an incredibly small and slim design but does advertise a decent amount of charge at 5,000 mAh — which should be enough to fully charge or almost fully charge a phone and keep it charged. This charger will run you $49.99.

OtterBox 50th Anniversary Portable Charger Kit

The kit comes with adapters attached to a cable capable of charging multiple types of devices including iPhones, Androids, mini-USB, and more. But, does it WORK?

Does it work?

We’re happy to say that yes — it does! It charged our device quickly and actually charged it — didn’t just keep it alive and at a low battery level. In about 20 minutes, we had a 30% charge. There is only one port for charging, though, so you can’t plug in multiple devices at the same time.

We love this design!

We loved the Partners Statue design, but it was ultimately just a sticker. This little charger seems pretty durable, and the charging cable is long enough that you can set the charger down and still hold your phone up to take a photo!

Looks familiar

In comparison, you have the option of using FuelRods while you’re in the Disney parks. For $30, you get a cylindrical portable charger out of a vending machine from various locations in Disney World. The hands-down BEST feature of FuelRods are that you can continue swapping them out for fresh batteries from the machines.

FuelRods can be found all around the parks!

But, from our experience, FuelRods don’t really charge our phones. They do a decent job of keeping them from dying but after about 20 minutes of charging we only got about 10% of battery instead of the 30% we had with the OtterBox charger.

FuelRod Station

So, which portable charger should you choose when you’re at Disney World? Between the OtterBox and FuelRods, we’d probably pick the OtterBox — but ultimately, we’d skip both and opt for one of the many heavier-duty portable chargers available on Amazon instead!


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