New Fluffy Pink Spirit Jersey Now Available at Disneyland for Kids & Adults

If you’ve ever wanted an extra-fluffy Spirit Jersey to tide you through those chilly California winters, better head on down to the World of Disney Store at the Disneyland Resort, where we found a fluffy pink Spirit Jersey for both adults and kids!

Fluffy Pink Disneyland Resort Spirit Jersey – $99.99

DisneylandPinkFluffySpiritJersey 2 scaled

The new Jersey commands a premium over the standard Spirit Jersey cost, but the results are very noticeable. The entire Jersey is pink, with polka dot raised areas. “Disneyland Resort” is written on the back in a slightly lighter shade of pink.

DisneylandPinkFluffySpiritJersey 4 scaled

The front keeps those polka dot patterns and has the trademark D along with “Est. 1955” below, like most Spirit Jerseys from Disneyland.

DisneylandPinkFluffySpiritJersey 3 scaled

The text on the back is a different type of material, and the borders are embroidered.

Fluffy Pink Disneyland Resort Youth Spirit Jersey – $79.99

DisneylandPinkFluffySpiritJersey 5 scaled
DisneylandPinkFluffySpiritJersey 6 scaled

The youth version also commands a premium over regular youth Spirit Jerseys, but the design is exactly the same as on the adult version.

We found both of these at the World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District. Will you add this new Spirit Jersey to your closet? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t miss other wintertime Spirit Jerseys we’ve spotted already.

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