New EPCOT 40 Magnets, AirPod Cases, and Figment Sweater at Walt Disney World

More EPCOT 40 merchandise has arrived at Creations Shop in EPCOT. Today, we found a Figment sweater, magnets, and AirPod cases.

Figment Sweater – $78

epcot 40 merch 3274

The sweater is yellow with Figment flying across the center.

epcot 40 merch 3275
epcot 40 merch 3276

The edges of the sleeves have pink, purple, and orange stripes.

epcot 40 merch 3277
epcot 40 merch 3296

There are four new die-cut magnets, including an Annual Passholder-exclusive.

Figment Silhouette Magnet – $14.99

epcot 40 merch 3286

This magnet features Figment’s silhouette made up of a rainbow of colors, next to “EPCOT 40” and “Celebrating 40 Years of Imagination.” The EPCOT logo is in the background.

EPCOT 40 Magnet – $14.99

epcot 40 merch 3288

This circular magnet has the EPCOT logo in the center, surrounded by other pavilion logos. “Celebrating 40 Years of Imagination” is around the outside and “EPCOT 40” is at the bottom.

EPCOT 40 Figment Magnet – $14.99

epcot 40 merch 3294

Figment is dancing with a top hat and cane in the background of this magnet, with “EPCOT 40” in colorful lettering across him.

October 1 Passholder Magnet – $14.99

epcot 40 merch 3291

The EPCOT logo is pictured in shades of dark purple and red on this magnet, which reads “EPCOT 40 October 1, 2022 PASSHOLDER.” Figment silhouettes are on the outer edge.

epcot 40 merch 3303

There are three AirPod cases.

World Showcase AirPod Case – $19.99

epcot 40 merch 3306

This case is white with images of World Showcase buildings surrounding the colorful EPCOT logo.

Figment Silhouette AirPod Case – $19.99

epcot 40 merch 3307

This case features a similar design as the first magnet: Figment’s colorful silhouette next to “EPCOT 40.”

EPCOT 40 AirPod Case – $19.99

epcot 40 merch 3309

This case has a colorful background made up of crisscrossing stripes. “EPCOT 40” is at the center, with pavilion logos around it.

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