Main Street U.S.A. Fire Station has Been Updated at Magic Kingdom

A few months ago, Disney social media got very excited about the addition of two pups from 101 Dalmations over at the Fire Station on Main Street U.S.A in the Magic Kingdom. Many of us were wondering, “why were they added?” and “Is this going to be part of MagicBand+?” Lucky for all of us, I recently went to Magic Kingdom and saw what they ended up doing to the space.

Main Street U.S.A Fire Station

These are the new signs that welcome guests into the open house at the Fire House. The open house is to show off Fire Engine NO. 71, anyone want to guess why it’s named Fire Engine NO. 71?

Here is a closer look at the dalmatian pups and the theming. I like that they added this little touch. This used to be where you would start your Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom journey before the game went away. One of the posters by the entrance mentions patches from around the world. You can spot those patches on the right-hand side in the following picture.

I do miss Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom because it was a fun interactive game that could be played throughout the park. As much as I miss that, I also love this update to the Fire House on Main Street U.S.A because it adds something extra to that area.

How do you guys feel about this new update to that Fire House? Let us know in the comments.