Genie+ Reaches Highest Price Yet in Disneyland

Genie+ allows Disneyland guests to skip long standby lines and use the Lightning Lane at many attractions.

Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle

Recently, Genie+ switched its pricing from a standard $20 per day to surge pricing, meaning that the price would fluctuate based on how much demand there was for the service. Today, we’ve seen the highest price yet for Genie+ in Disneyland.

The minimum Genie+ price in Disneyland is $25 per person, but today it’s a bit higher than that — actually, it’s the highest we’ve seen in Disneyland so far. Genie+ in Disneyland today is $30 per person.


If you do the math, that means a family of four would have to spend $120 per day to use Genie+ in Disneyland. However, we do have to point out that unlike in Disney World, Genie+ in Disneyland does include unlimited PhotoPass downloads from that day. But guests will have to decide if that’s worth the high price on a high-demand day like today.


We also checked prices for Individual Lightning Lane attractions. Rise of the Resistance in Disneyland is $25 per guest today.


Radiator Springs Racers in Disney California Adventure is $20 per guest today.


So if you’re headed to Disneyland today, keep that in mind before purchasing Genie+ — you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it for you and your party.

Disneyland Main Entrance

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