Fate of Reedy Creek Improvement District Reportedly to Be Decided Soon, Per Experts

According to a new report by the Orlando Business Journal, the fate of the now-famous Reedy Creek Improvement District is set to be decided sometime soon.

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According to OBJ, the specific fate of the special district repealed over six months ago will be decided during a special legislative session following the midterm elections on November 8.

David Ramba, executive director with the Florida Association of Special Districts, told them discussions about the fate of the district are underway in Tallahassee despite both the Reedy Creek staff and the public being in the dark about the issue.

These are the three possible options laid out by Ramba to the Orlando Business Journal:

  • The state doesn’t necessarily have to honor the June 2023 dissolution date, as that can be delayed easily with a vote to buy the discussions another year, if need be.
  • The state could simply amend certain powers of the Reedy Creek district — such as its ability to build a nuclear power plant — and forgo the dissolution plan.
  • Another approach could be lengthy. If the state — or local governments, if the duty was passed to them — tried to change the wording in the district’s charter or completely replace it, that would require a 30-day public notice, discussions and approvals by delegations in the affected counties — Orange and Osceola counties — and other processes needed before a vote were allowed, which could drag out a solution.

Back in April when discussions were swirling about the district’s fate, Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed he had a plan for replacing the district, but so far none of this supposed plan has come to light.

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Source: Orlando Business Journal

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