Fan-Favorite 90s Disney Cartoons are NOW on Disney Plus

Some days, I ask myself, “Is Disney+ still worth it?” and yesterday, I was given the answer I needed.

Not too long ago, Disney announced that Bear in the Big Blue House would be added to Disney+, one of my all-time favorite childhood shows. Yesterday, Bear in the Big Blue House made its way onto the streaming service, but that isn’t the only 90s Disney cartoon that got added. PB&J Otter also landed on Disney+ yesterday. On Twitter, the Disney+ account tweeted out, reminding fans that these shows are up on the platform and ready to be enjoyed.

Bear in the Big Blue House started airing on Playhouse Disney on October 20th, 1997. That makes today the 25th anniversary of the show. This childhood favorite was created by Mitchell Kriegman and produced by Jim Henson Television. The Muppets on Twitter posted a tweet welcoming the gang back into the Big Blue House. Seeing them welcome this part of the Jim Henson family to Disney+ was nice.

PB&J Otter premiered on Playhouse Disney on March 15th, 1998. This show was an American animated musical television series. The cartoon series ran for three seasons and had 65 episodes in total. The show was created by Jim Jinkins and executive-produced by David Campbell in close partnership with Harvard University’s Cognitive Skills Group, “Project Zero.” All three seasons of the series are now available on Disney+.

My heart is so happy that these shows that shaped my childhood are on the streaming platform. I can’t wait to rewatch the cartoons and indulge in that nostalgic feeling. I feel many of us 90s babies will be glued to our TVs watching these shows that played on our favorite part of Disney Channel, Playhouse Disney.

Did any of you watch these shows? If so, which cartoon series was your favorite? Let us know your answers in the comments.