REVIEW: NEW Peanut Butter Cold Brew Cookie and French Toast Nitro Cold Brew From Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs

It’s a new month which means new treats at Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs. This month’s limited edition cookie is the Peanut Butter Cold Brew Cookie. We also tried the limited time French Toast Nitro Cold Brew.

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Every month, Gideon’s has a new souvenir menu. It features the bakery’s gargoyle mascot atop a chimney, with bats flying around it.

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Gideon’s is also now offering coloring pages for kids based on the menus.

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Peanut Butter Cold Brew Cookie – $6.00

gideons september 2022 7788

Holy peanut butter! This limited edition cookie is described as a peanut butter cookie with freshly ground coffee beans, covered in chopped peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces.

gideons september 2022 7790
gideons september 2022 7789

If you love all things peanut butter, then this is for you! The peanut butter is prominent and takes over your taste buds. There are very small hints of chocolate in each bite.

gideons september 2022 7791

The ground coffee bean is overtaken by the peanut butter cookie. We aren’t getting any coffee flavoring.

gideons september 2022 7793
gideons september 2022 7814

This cookie is delicious but grab some water or a nitro cold brew to help you wash it down.

gideons september 2022 7816

French Toast Nitro Cold Brew – $6.00

gideons september 2022 7780

This might be our new favorite cold brew. It’s described as premium maple syrup with ground cinnamon.

gideons september 2022 7781

The maple syrup is prominent. It’s the first taste and the last taste you get in each sip.

gideons september 2022 7782

The cinnamon comes in towards the middle, mixing with the maple syrup, enhancing the beverage.

gideons september 2022 7783

It is sweet, so those coffee drinkers that do not like sweet coffee beware.

gideons september 2022 7784

We hands down recommended this cold brew but it’s only available through September, so grab it while you can!

gideons september 2022 7785

When it comes to pairing the cookie and coffee, these work really well together. The sweetness of the maple syrup cuts down the overload of peanut butter. The cinnamon intensifies the ground coffee bean. It’s definitely a combination worth the wait!

Will you be trying this month’s treats? Let us know in the comments!

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