Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion to Welcome Hatbox Ghost!

Get excited Foolish Mortals! D23 has announced that sometime in 2023, your Doom Buggy Haunted Mansion experience will include Disneyland’s beloved Hatbox Ghost!

Until now, the fan-favorite character has been limited to Disneyland, drawing much attention when it was permanently reinstalled within the west coast attraction in 2015. Now, Magic Kingdom guests will have their first opportunity to enjoy the character as a new edition to the Walt Disney World version of the attraction.

Who is excited to see this new addition to one of our most loved attractions?

Imagineer and Disney Legend Yale Gracey poses with the infamous Hatbox Ghost at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park. Originally part of the show when the attraction opened in 1969, this spook was almost immediately given the hook when the illusion didn’t work properly. As part of the Disneyland Diamond Celebration, this reclusive resident again materialized at the Haunted Mansion in May 2015. D23
Imagineer and Disney Legend Yale Gracey makes adjustments to a short-lived spirit of Disneyland’s the Haunted Mansion–the Hatbox Ghost. The apparition would not return to the Mansion’s attic until 2015. – Image – D23