Inside Look at New Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort Stores in Orlando International Airport Terminal C

Orlando International Airport will open their new South Terminal C in phases starting on September 19, 2022. Travelers will get to visit a new Walt Disney World Store and Universal Studio Store in the Terminal, and we have an inside look at both locations.

mco terminal c 1726

The terminal has tall skylight ceilings with cylindrical lights hanging from the rafters.

mco terminal c 1727
mco terminal c 1745 1

There will be a Wine Bar George in the terminal too.

Universal Studios Store

mco terminal c 1740

The Universal Studios Store has huge display windows above the entrances, currently featuring The Wizarding World of Harry Potter merchandise.

mco terminal c 1746
mco terminal c 1747

“Universal Orlando Resort” is on a globe-inspired marquee.

mco terminal c 1748

Inside, the store displays featured rounded corners and bright lights. There’s a section dedicated to Minions, and a wall featuring Hogwarts is at the back.

Walt Disney World Store

mco terminal c 1742

The Walt Disney World Store has screens above its marquees and entrances. A Pluto sculpture is in front of this wood-paneled wall featuring Mickey’s glowing silhouette and stars.

mco terminal c 1744

Another billboard screen plays commercials for Walt Disney World Resort. The marquees are royal blue, with silver-white circles.

mco terminal c 1750

Sculptures of Minnie Mouse and Goofy stand in front of a Cinderella Castle mural. The castle is pictured at night with its 50th anniversary decorations.

mco terminal c 1752

Inside, the store resembles the first ever Walt Disney World Store that opened earlier this year. The icons of each Walt Disney World theme park are on a rounded section of wall above the entrance, lit with orb lights resembling fireworks.

mco terminal c 1753

A Cinderella Castle model sits on a merchandise display. This seems to be the model that previously sat in World of Disney at Disney Springs. We noticed it had recently been removed.

mco terminal c disney store

There are blue columns and another large screen at the back.

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