6 Travel Hacks That’ll Help You Stuff EVERYTHING Into That Tiny Suitcase

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With flight prices going up, we are looking for any way to save money when we travel. One way is to skip paying for checked luggage and only use a carry-on.

Bringing all of this luggage can cost a pretty penny!

This is easier said than done, though, especially for us over-packers! But don’t despair — there are ways to maximize your space and pack all the necessities even with a super tiny bag!

Check out some of our favorite travel hacks for small suitcases. You might find a tip you didn’t know before!

Start Packing EARLY

You may feel like your parents by pulling your suitcase out more than a week in advance of your trip, but trust us, it will save you. One of the reasons we often overpack is because we wait until the last minute and end up just throwing in everything we think we need (but probably won’t use)! Packing in advance gives you time to consider what items you truly need to bring.

Only bring the necessities

Better yet, start off with a list! Figure out the minimum of what you should pack for your trip and work from there. If it feels like you’re starting to pack too much, take inventory and pare down what’s in your suitcase. Don’t forget, you might need to leave room for any souvenirs you plan on bringing back!

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Use Vacuum Seal Bags

Probably the easiest way to conserve space in your luggage is by vacuum-sealing your clothes. Removing all that extra air will give you plenty of extra space for you to fill with whatever else you need — shoes, gifts, or even more clothes!

AirBaker Vacuum Storage Bags

This set of 8 bags is super handy because it comes with its own pump! That way when you’re leaving your hotel you can easily re-seal all of your belongings again without having to awkwardly ask housekeeping to use their vacuum!

Click here to buy the AirBaker Vacuum Storage Bags!

Roll Your Clothes

If you’d rather skip the vacuum sealed bags, there’s another way to cut down on the space your outfits will take up inside your suitcase. Roll each item of clothing you pack to squish out any air inside and make them smaller. It won’t remove as much extra air as the vacuum bags, but it’s better than regular folding!

Stuff your stuff in there!

If you roll your clothes the right way you won’t have to worry about any wrinkles or creasing while in transit. You can also tuck smaller items into larger ones, like putting your socks inside your shoes, so you aren’t wasting any space at all!

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Decant Your Toiletries

Another way to cut down on bulky items is by skipping your full-sized products and only bringing the amount you’ll need for your trip by decanting them into smaller, travel-sized containers. This is also great for keeping all your liquids in the TSA-approved bags!

Travel Bottles Set for Toiletries

This set from Amazon is a best seller for a reason. We even use these too! This set comes with a variety of containers for all your products, plus handy tools for transferring products as well as cleaning out empty containers. It even has pre-printed labels so you can keep track of what’s in each bottle. It’s all packaged together in a clear bag to make going through security a breeze!

Click here to buy the Travel Bottles Set for Toiletries!

Take Advantage of Your Personal Item

Along with your carry-on, you can often bring a personal item with you onto the plane for no cost. Depending on the airline you’re traveling with, you can sometimes use a tote bag or backpack as your personal item! This gives you some more space to pack items that might not fit into your small suitcase.


A medium-sized purse can hold items like electronics, a jacket, an extra pair of shoes, a book — there are tons of uses! A travel backpack can also act almost like a second carry-on, and you’d be surprised by how much you can fit inside. Just make sure that before you fly, check your airline’s baggage regulations to make sure whatever personal item you’re bringing fits within their dimensions.

Check out this travel backpack on Amazon for under $30! 

Pack Scarves

This might sound like a weird tip, but hear us out! The bulk of your suitcase will most likely be filled with clothes, so an easy way to cut down on your packing list is by wearing pieces more than once. To keep your outfits from getting too repetitive, pack two or three scarves to switch up your look!

Lightweight Fashion Scarf from Acotavie

These scarves don’t have to be thick. There are plenty of styles that are sheer or silky and will barely take up any space in your luggage. Check out this gorgeous (and lightweight) floral scarf from Acotavie! Adding a scarf to a basic tee or tank top really dresses up the look and lets you pack less!

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Use these tips to cut down on baggage fees so you can put your hard earned money towards enjoying your vacation! If you’re looking for the perfect carry-on luggage, check out this post!

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