REVIEW: ‘Minnie’s Dine’ at Hollywood & Vine Character Buffet Returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Better Than Ever

This morning we reviewed the returning breakfast buffet at Disney Junior Play ‘n Dine at Hollywood & Vine, and we were just crazy enough to go back to the lunch/dinner buffet at (what is currently in the seasonal rotation) Minnie’s Halloween Dine!

minnie's halloween dine

Mind you that the food options won’t change seasonally, just the theme, character costumes, music, etc.

lunch at hollywood and vine8064
lunch at hollywood and vine8065

When you arrive there is this fantastic photo-op themed to Minnie’s Halloween Dine.

lunch at hollywood and vine8066

‘Minnie’s Halloween Dine’ Lunch Buffet Offerings — $55 per adult, $36 per child (plus tax and gratuity)

lunch at hollywood and vine8067

Cocktails, wine, and beer are available for additional purchase.

lunch at hollywood and vine8068
lunch at hollywood and vine8072

Dinner rolls and mini pita bread are available, as well as hummus. Focaccia bread showed up later.

lunch at hollywood and vine8073

Croutons signal the start of the salad bar.

lunch at hollywood and vine8076

Balsamic, Caesar, and ranch dressings are all available to pair with your salad. Also you can grab some cherry tomatoes, diced cucumbers, mixed olives, feta, and parmesan cheese. You can make a bed out of chopped romaine or mixed greens.

lunch at hollywood and vine8078
lunch at hollywood and vine8080

Tomato and chicken noodle soup are both hot and available.

lunch at hollywood and vine8082

The cold buffet continues with fresh fruit, crumbled feta, bean salad, couscous salad with cilantro-lime vinaigrette, kale, apple, and cranberry salad, peel-and-eat shrimp, and cocktail sauce.

lunch at hollywood and vine8083
lunch at hollywood and vine8084

Now we move on to the hot buffet with some fantastic options:

lunch at hollywood and vine8087

Sour cream and chive whipped potatoes

lunch at hollywood and vine8088

Seared salmon with beurre blanc

lunch at hollywood and vine8090

Caramelized brussels sprouts

lunch at hollywood and vine8093

Oven-roasted herbed chicken

lunch at hollywood and vine8095

Olive oil-roasted potatoes

lunch at hollywood and vine8097

Roasted mushroom farro risotto

lunch at hollywood and vine8099

Crispy tofu with Asian glaze

lunch at hollywood and vine8101

Garlic broccolini

lunch at hollywood and vine8103

Spring peas and pearl onions

lunch at hollywood and vine8105

Beef stew with root vegetables

lunch at hollywood and vine8107

White rice, with a garnish of green onion

lunch at hollywood and vine8109

Roasted pork with spicy mustard sauce (and unadvertised polenta)

lunch at hollywood and vine8111

Macaroni & cheese with shrimp and bacon

lunch at hollywood and vine8113

Meatballs with barbecue sauce and pineapple

lunch at hollywood and vine8117

Carving stations feature herb-crusted tenderloin steak with horseradish cream as well as…

IMG 8185

Slow-roasted crispy pork belly with guava glaze.

We are now to the “kids” portion of the buffet, although any adult can add these items to their plate!

lunch at hollywood and vine8119

Kid’s macaroni & cheese and chicken nuggets.

lunch at hollywood and vine8120

Potato barrels and mini corn dogs.

Now we’ve reached the best part of any buffet: dessert!

lunch at hollywood and vine8123

Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing

lunch at hollywood and vine8124

Mississippi Mud pie

lunch at hollywood and vine8126

Candy magic bars

lunch at hollywood and vine8127

Peanut butter & jelly tarts

lunch at hollywood and vine8128

Créme brûlée cheesecake

lunch at hollywood and vine8129

And of course, self-serve soft-serve ice cream!

Meet and Greet Characters

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8139

Minnie is the lunch and dinner’s official host, and she has on her best Halloween garb!

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8169 edited scaled

Pluto was feeling silly, as always.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8180

Goofy has a spooky cowboy costume on, complete with a cowboy hat!

lunch at hollywood and vine8133

Count Mickey Mouse even showed up in his vampire costume!

lunch at hollywood and vine8135
buffet lunch hollywood and vine8207

Each guest is given an autograph card with the facsimile signatures of each character. That being said, we did see the characters sign actual autograph books as well.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8208

Buffet Lunch & Dinner Food Review

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8154

The pita bread was very touch and way too dry. The hummus was oddly bitter, definitely an off putting taste to it. The dinner rolls were a solid option, but if you’re going to bother filling up on bread at a buffet, the focaccia here is actually excellent. It’s very soft and a perfect accompaniment for the tomato soup.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8151

The tomato soup is loaded with carrots, beans, corn, and more in a tomato broth. The north isn’t too thick, it’s just the right consistency, and all of the ingredients inside matched it perfectly.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8152

The broth, noodles, and carrots of this soup were all enjoyable, but the chicken was insanely dry and tough, running the entire entry.

IMG 0344

From the cold buffet: the bean salad was a standard bean salad, with the fresh vegetable chunks giving it a nice crunch and again a dressing that is suitable and not overpowering.

The Caesar salad also featured standard ingredients but what seems to be a house made dressing, definitely not your standard bottled fare. The fresh shaved Parmesan adds a nice touch.  

Dried cranberries add a prefect sweetness to the kale salad and the kale is not at all bitter as it often is. However, I didn’t get any of the advertised apple. I was very surprised this is as good as it is.

The peel-and-eat shrimp were plump; larger than what you typically find on a buffet, steamed, chilled and deveined, and very tasty.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8159
buffet lunch hollywood and vine8162

The buffet offers sour cream whipped potatoes and olive oil roasted potatoes. Oddly two similar dishes on the buffet, but one would accommodate those with allergies. The olive oil ones were more akin to “smashed potatoes” with large chunks. They were a bit dry and not very flavorful. The whipped potatoes were well mashed, smooth and creamy, and very good; clearly the winner in the potato showdown.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8164
buffet lunch hollywood and vine8163

The salmon was great. It tasted very fresh and was perfectly prepared. The mayonnaise-based topping adds a nice tinge to the end of each bite.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8160

The roasted chicken can be hit or miss based on when you come to it. Some of our pieces were juicy and plump, a rarity for Disney buffet fare, but we did encounter at least one dry piece on a later trip to the station.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8161

The caramelized Brussels sprouts were excellent. These can sometimes be bitter, but not here. The center was hot and soft, while the exterior provided a nice crunch.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8172

I’m spoiled by the mushroom risotto on the Disney Cruise Line, but this mushroom and farro risotto was very good and for a buffet it was great.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8173

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the tofu with Asian glaze was the absolute best item. Crispy, with a great General Tso-style sauce, I didn’t even miss the fact there was no meat.


Our broccolini was sadly cold right off the buffet, but it tasted good, so it must be much better when actually at the desired temperature.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8187
buffet lunch hollywood and vine8190

The beef stew will surely please fans of the Liberty Tree Tavern pot roast, as we found the two dishes to be very similar in taste. It’s a tender, smoky piece of meat covered in flavorful juices.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8195

The pork belly was really fantastic. Perfectly cooked with a nice spice rub which gives it a nice flavor even without the guava sauce. However, don’t forgo the guava, as it makes a good dish amazing. It adds the perfect bit of sweetness to accompany the meat.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8192

The pork was a bit over-cooked but the spicy mustard sauce was perfect (quite spicy actually) and the polenta added a nice creaminess to the dish.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8191

The rice was standard, but nicely cooked and should be enjoyable.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8196

The tenderloin was fine. I didn’t find it particularly amazing, and the horseradish sauce was about the least flavorful I’ve ever tasted. The steak is hearty, filling, and tender, so it’s a good offering, just not really what I was looking for in a steak.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8193

The mach and cheese ends up being ruined by the bacon and the shrimp. The pasta is soft, while the cheese sauce is sharp and creamy for a winning combination. Sadly, the bacon was hard as a rock upon foot bite, and the quite chewy, while the shrimp added a fishy aftertaste to each bite.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8194

I’m not one for sweet meatball. The barbecue sauce is way too sweet, while the meatball itself tastes like it’s from a frozen food bag.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8199

Now on to the desserts…

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8202

The carrot cake cupcake was above expectations, moist and soft with a whipped cream consistency cream cheese frosting.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8201

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Tart had way much jelly, which overpowered the whipped peanut butter top layer. The crust was way too thick for the size of the tart, which gave it a dry mouthfeel.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8200

The crème brûlée cheesecake did not have enough of a caramelized sugar taste to make it very different from a standard Disney cheesecake, but the standard is a good entry for theme park fare.

buffet lunch hollywood and vine8204

The Mississippi mud pie was super sweet and chocolatey, perhaps a little one-note however. One or two bites will suffice, but children honestly may love it more-so.


While breakfast was as mediocre as it was before, we were thoroughly impressed by the new lunch and dinner buffet at Hollywood & Vine. In the past, we had settled for the cuisine simply to meet the characters in cute garb (or for a Fantasmic! dining package further back in time), but now I would actually want to dine here for the food. Not all of it was amazing, but more than enough of it was great. I would actually look forward to another visit. Kudos to the culinary team for raising the bar at an in-park character buffet.

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