Princess Tiana Kitchenware and T-Shirt Arrive at Disneyland Resort to Celebrate EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

“The Princess and the Frog” inspired collection featuring Tiana has arrived to Disneyland Resort at Disney California Adventure Park in Julius Katz & Sons. The kitchenwares and t-shirt were originally spotted at Walt Disney World Resort to celebrate EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival.

Tiana T-Shirt — $36.99

tiana shirt dlr

This light green t-shirt has ruffle sleeves and a v-neck collar. Tiana is pictured with a steaming plate of beignets.

Tiana Kitchenware Rolling Pin — $29.99

tiana kitchenware

The rolling pin is light purple with images of Tiana cooking.

tiana kitchenware

Tiana’s balancing act shows her cooking gumbo and beignets. The rolling pin uses a Mari Gras color scheme in purple, green and yellow.

tiana rolling pin dlr3

The handles are natural wood for a retro feel.

Tiana Magnet — $14.99

tiana magnet dlr

The magnet from this collection shows the same image of Tiana from the rolling pin. It reads “Good food is a balancing act.”

tiana magnet back dlr

The back of the magnet acts as a cheat sheet to convert food measurements.

Tiana Mug — $19.99

tiana mug dlr

The mug and spoon is perfect to pair a cafe au lait with a beignet. The mug is white with a light green spoon and a place for it to be held.

tiana mug dlr2

The back of the mug shows off (as Miss Charlotte would say) Tiana’s “man catchin’ beignets!”

Tiana Kitchenware Salt/Pepper Shaker — $9.99

tiana salt shaker dlr

The shaker is sold one at a time, so you would need to purchase two of these for both a salt and pepper shaker set.

tiana salt shaker dlr4

The shaker is teal blue with Tiana cooking gumbo on the front.

tiana salt shaker dlr3

It illustrates shrimp, onions, peppers, and celery added to her gumbo; just add your spice in the shaker!

Tiana Kitchenware Basket and Towel Set — $39.99

tiana towel dlr

This set includes a kitchen towel featuring Tiana balancing several dishes — the same image featured on the rolling pin.

tiana towel dlr 2

Tiana is pictured on the side again and the basket is outlined in veggies and utensils.

tiana towel dlr3

The other side has the same message as the magnet, “Good food is a balancing act.”

Tiana Kitchenware Measuring Cups — $29.99

tiana measuring cup dlr

The stackable measuring cups list ingredients for Tiana’s beignets, pictured in the bottom cup.

tiana measuring cup dlr2

The other side shows ingredients on their way into a gumbo pot.

tiana measuring dlr

There are four measuring cups total: 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup and 1 cup.

Tiana Kitchenware Cake Plate — $39.99

tiana cake plate dlr

The top of the cake plate shows the same design from the t-shirt and other kitchenware items.

tiana cake plate dlr2

The plate stands a few inches high with utensils on the stem.

Tiana Kitchenware Oven Mitts — $21.99

tiana oven mitt dlr

Two different styles of oven mitts are available in this collection. The first shows the same colors and design as the rolling pin.

tiana oven mitt dlr2

Tiana is shown in two different illustrations with her cooking.

tiana heat mitt dlr

The other heat protectant glove shows her opening up a pot of gumbo for a final taste before serving.

What do you think of Tiana’s kitchenware collection? Let us know in the comments!

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