Porsche 911 ‘Sally Special’ Inspired by ‘Sally Carrera’ from Cars To Be Sold at Auction

Porsche has designed a one-of-a-kind edition of their Porsche 911, called the “Sally Special”. It is inspired by “Sally Carrera” from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars, and is being auctioned off later this month.

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Source: Porsche

According to Porsche:

“Like Sally Carrera, the 911 Sally Special is one of a kind. There will only be one 911 Sally Special – and it’s the first time that Pixar has supported such a project. The one-off car will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s on Saturday, 20 August 2022 as part of Monterey Car Week in California. Auction proceeds will be donated to two charities. A portion of the proceeds will benefit young women through a donation to Girls Inc. The second portion will go to USA for UNHCR, an organization that supports refugees from Ukraine.”

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“Vehicles need a face and a story. And the animated Pixar’s film ‘Cars’ has impressively transferred done just that: brought cars to life on the big screen,” says Dr. Sebastian Rudolph, Vice President Communications, Sustainability and Politics at Porsche AG. “The story conveys values such as friendship, love and mutual support – and in the middle of it all is a Porsche: ‘Sally Carrera’. Together with Pixar we have brought the spirit of Sally to life in a new way, not on the screen, but off the screen. With this one-off street legal 911, the ‘Sally Special’, which we are auctioning for charity, we want to help people who urgently need support, quite in keeping with the spirit of the film character.”

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Source: Porsche

The steering wheel boasts a “Kachow! Mode”, that seems like it would be really fun to engage.

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“We had great fun creating 911 Sally Special and it’s the first time we’ve worked on a project of this kind,” says Jay Ward, Creative Director of Franchise of Pixar Animation Studios. “We decided early on that we wanted to create a completely drivable 911 – inspired by Sally Carrera, but just not an exact copy. Sally Carrera loves to drive – that was our inspiration. We asked ourselves: if Sally were built today as a road-approved model, what would she look like?”

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Even Sally’s tattoo made the design!

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Source: Porsche

“911 Sally Special is based on the fastest and most agile variant of the 911 Carrera model line, the 911 Carrera GTS. The car is equipped with a manual gearbox, tapping into Sally Carrera’s passion for driving,” explains Boris Apenbrink, Director Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur vehicles. “The customization elements are detailed and extensive. 911 Sally Special was one of the most intense, emotional and detailed Sonderwunsch projects our team has worked on. One example is that the car is painted in Sallybluemetallic, a custom paint that was hand-applied specifically for this project. We also thought of Sally’s tattoo, of course. Implementing that was a very special challenge.” 

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There are references to Sally and “Cars” all over the vehicle, even on the key!

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sally special
Source: Porsche

“We were given complete freedom, which was great! In the film, Sally Carrera was a lawyer from California who valued style and elegance. At the same time, she was down-to-earth and fun-loving,” says Daniela Milošević, Porsche interior designer. “The special Sallybluemetallic is used in the interior as well, where it creates both obvious highlights and subtle details that will hopefully bring a smile to the future owner’s face. At the same time, it was important to us not to forget everyday usability and practicality. 911 Sally Special is meant to be driven often and gladly. We developed a special Pepita houndstooth fabric upholstery in three colors, combined with chalk-colored leather and stitching in Speed Blue. Working out these details makes the project special and brings back a lot of memories of the movie and Sally Carrera.”

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Source: Porsche

The interior doors have the “Cars” logo stamped into the leather.

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Source: Porsche
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Source: Porsche

Even the valve stem caps on the tires showcase the “Cars” logo!

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