New ‘Harry Potter’ Spell Marker Medallions Debut at Universal Orlando Resort

There’s a new way to study your spells in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a new set of spell marker medallions at Universal Orlando Resort!

hogsmeade spell marker medallions 4
hogsmeade spell marker medallions 6

A special board will eventually be available for purchase, but as of the writing of this article, wasn’t in stock yet. Still, one was on display to see how the medallions fit in.

hogsmeade spell marker medallions 9
hogsmeade spell marker medallions 8
hogsmeade spell marker medallions 5
hogsmeade spell marker medallions 7

There are medallions featuring spells commonly cast in both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, each noted on the medallion.


hogsmeade spell marker medallions 3

Herbivicus Spell Marker Medallion – $8.00

herbivicus spell marker medallion 1

Each medallion also shows budding wizards how to swish and flick their wand to cast the spell.

herbivicus spell marker medallion 2
mimblewimble spell marker medallion 2

The back of each medallion features The Wizarding World of Harry Potter above “Universal Studios.”

Incendio Spell Marker Medallion – $8.00

incendio spell marker medallion 2

Arresto Momentium Spell Marker Medallion – $8.00

arresto momentum spell marker medallion 1

Wingardium Leviosa Spell Marker Medallion – $8.00

wingardium leviosa spell marker medallion 1
wingardium leviosa spell marker medallion 2

Locomotor Snowman Spell Marker Medallion – $8.00

locomotor snowman spell marker medallion 1

Alohomora Spell Marker Medallion – $8.00

alohomora spell marker medallion 1

Diagon Alley

diagon alley spell marker medallion 1

Aguamenti Spell Marker Medallion – $8.00

aguamenti spell marker medallion 1

Mimblewimble Spell Marker Medallion – $8.00

mimblewimble spell marker medallion 1

Locomotor Chimney Sweep Spell Marker Medallion – $8.00

locomotor chimney sweep spell marker medallion 1

Specialis Revelio Spell Marker Medallion – $8.00

specialis revelio spell marker medallion 1 1

We found these at the Universal Studios Store in CityWalk. But if you have an eye for the Dark Arts, check out the latest release of Death Eater merchandise!

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