Is Disney Considering a Membership Program Similar to Amazon Prime?

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Disney is weighing their options on offering an Amazon Prime type of membership program to help drive sales to different divisions throughout the company.

Disney’s Chief Communications Officer Kristin Schake said,

Technology is giving us new ways to customize and personalize the consumer experience so that we are delivering entertainment, experiences, and products that are most relevant to each of our guests. A membership program is just one of the exciting ideas that are being explored.

Although the report in the WSJ emphasized that “Disney Prime” will not be the name of the new program, it seems reasonable to compare it to Amazon Prime for now. With Disney offering many memberships such as Disney+, Disney Vacation Club, Disney Visa, and so on, perhaps this program would offer various benefits and discounts.

The WSJ’s report cites inside sources stating that the program has Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s approval.