You Have Spoken! See What Made it Through Round 2 of Our EPCOT Food & Wine Festival Bracket

Round 2 of our Ultimate EPCOT Food & Wine Booth Bracket Showdown has come and gone, and we now have the round’s winners.

2021 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

Where do your loyalties lie?! Will new booths come out on top, or will returning booths continue to win over your hearts? Let’s find out by jumping right into the results for Round 2!

First up, we had Australia vs. Mexico! This seemed to be a pretty easy decision for our readers, as Mexico won with 77% of the votes. Australia fell behind with only 23% of the votes. Mexico’s booth can have very long lines, so it isn’t too shocking that it came out on top.

Australia vs. Mexico

Next up was Flavors from Fire vs. Italy. It looks like we have some major Gnocchi and Sangria fans, as Italy won with 63% of the votes. Flavors from Fire only received 37%.

Flavors from Fire vs. Italy

How about Germany vs. Shimmering Sips? Will Schinkennudeln continue to win over our readers, or will the Mimosa hotspot take the lead? Well, it looks like the bubbles fell flat, as Germany won with 67% of the votes. Shimmering Sips only received 33%.

Germany vs. Shimmering Sips

Now, onto Hawai’i vs. Ireland. Pork sliders and Kona IPA or Seafood Pie and Irish Cream Ale? Well, it looks like you prefer tropical vibes, as Hawai’i won with 70% of the votes, leaving Ireland with only 30%.

Hawai’i vs. Ireland

Our next battle was Japan vs. Fry Basket! Old vs. new…who will come out on top? Well, this one was pretty close, but Fry Basket won 55% of the votes, leaving Japan with only 45%. We’re excited to try the new Fry Basket booth and it seems you are too!

Japan vs. Fry Basket

Now, back to some returning booths — Mac & Eats vs. Greece! Mac & Cheese won with 62% of the votes, while Greece had 38%. It seems like it may be very hard to beat Mac & Cheese! Will another booth be able to take it down? Only time will tell!

Mac & Eats vs. Greece

How about Refreshment Outpost vs. Canada?! Looks like this one was a pretty easy decision, with Canada winning 64% of the votes. Refreshment Outpost trailed behind with only 36%.

Refreshment Outpost vs. Canada

And finally Funnel Cake Stand vs. Tangierine Cafe: Flavors of Medina! Funnel Cakes reigned supreme on this one, as the booth won with 61% of the votes! Tangierine Cafe fell flat with only 39%.

Funnel Cake Stand vs. The Tangierine Cafe: Flavors of Medina

And those are all of your winners! Be sure to follow us on Instagram so you can vote in Round 3.

And in the meantime, prepare for the festival by checking out the full list of all the booths AND menus here. Or, check out our free printable so you can keep track of the foods you want to try.


And, stay tuned to DFB for more Disney news!

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