This Disney Treat Is NOT a Lunch Box Tart…But Also Kind Of It Is

Summer brings some of our favorite flavors to the Disney parks…like blueberries!

Disney California Adventure

Sure, we like trying some of the more adventurous flavors in Disneyland, like pickle corn dogs, PB&J Mac and Cheese, and a Blue Milk Chia Pudding. But sometimes we just want simpler things with great summer flavors, like the treat we found today!

When we discovered the Blueberry Hand Pie, we were intrigued. It’s a Frosted Hand Pie with a Blueberry Filling for $5.49. Yes, it looks EXACTLY like a Blueberry Pop-Tart, but we’re not complaining. We LIKE Pop-Tarts!

Looks JUST like a Pop-Tart!

The pastry on this thing, though, was WAY better than what you’d find on a frozen Pop-Tart. It was so soft and buttery, although it did start to fall apart on us pretty quickly. 

Blueberry, though!

What really elevates this snack, though, is the blueberry flavor. This isn’t artificial flavoring — it tasted like the real deal, just like a fresh blueberry pie. This is one summer snack we would totally get again. And we know what you’re thinking — yes, this was very similar to the Lunch Box Tarts found over at Woody’s Lunch Box in Disney World! We’re excited that we can now get this treat on both coasts.

A peek inside

If you happen to find yourself in Disney California Adventure, you can try the Blueberry Hand Pie for yourself at Trolley Treats!

Trolley Treats

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