REVIEW: Happy Dwarf Specialty Cone Joins 50th Anniversary Treats at Magic Kingdom

We took a ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and thought we deserved a small treat, you know, like a reward. We discovered perhaps the only thing that could make even Grumpy smile with a the Dwarfs Specialty Cone featuring Happy at Storybook Treats. So far, the Seven Dwarfs Specialty Cone has been available in versions inspired by GrumpyDocSneezy, and Dopey.

happy cone wdw 2

This newest cone will only be available for a short time before the next dwarf gets his time to shine! We’ve only encountered five of the seven!

happy cone wdw 1

Dwarfs Specialty Cone Featuring Happy – $5.99

Chocolate-Banana Soft-Serve in a Blue Cone with a Chocolate Belt Buckle and Chocolate Face.

Dwarfs Specialty Cone featuring Happy

As usual, the ice cream from Storybook Treats was delicious. The chocolate was rich and creamy. The banana, which is white soft-serve rather than yellow, was fantastic. We expected that overly sweet, artificial banana flavor but we were surprised to get the perfect mellow taste. Neither flavor overpowers the other and if you are a fan of frozen chocolate bananas, you’ll love this treat.

dwarfs cone happy wdw 2

The medallion and belt buckle were that white chocolate we love! They were crisp and snapped as we bit into them. A bit of white chocolate added an extra layer of creamy flavor to the dessert.

dwarfs cone happy wdw 3

The only issue we had this treat was the blue cone! Something about a dyed cone makes it very squishy. After only a few minutes, it started to disintegrate. Meaning we had to eat very fast. All in all, this cone made us very Happy.

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