New ‘Jurassic World’ Youth Apparel, Velociraptor Figure, and More at Universal Studios Hollywood

“Jurassic World” merchandise continues to stomp into Universal Studios Hollywood this summer. We found a new cup, mug, youth apparel, and Velociraptor figure at Universal Studio Store Upper Lot this week.

“Jurassic World” Cup – $10

jurassic world cup 104147

This cup features a roaring T. rex.

jurassic world cup 104148

The “Jurassic World” logo, featuring a T. rex skeleton in amber, is next to the living dino.

jurassic world cup 104150

The background is a cloudy forest and sky, with a helicopter hunting the T. rex.

jurassic world cup 104153

There’s a T. rex crossing road sign.

jurassic world cup 104154
jurassic world cup 104157
jurassic world cup 104202

The inside of the cup is blue.

jurassic world cup 104229

“Jurassic World” Mug – $17

jurassic world merch 102243

This mug also features the amber-encased “Jurassic World” logo against a volcanic background.

jurassic world merch 102250

The background is black with a pattern of orange cracks. The logo is on both sides.

jurassic world merch 102255

The interior is orange and reads “Universal Studios.”

“Jurassic World” Youth Sweatshirt – $45

jurassic world merch 102335

This sweatshirt is orange and reads “Caution live dinosaur” next to the image of a Carnotaurus.

jurassic world merch 102346

A “live dinosaur” sticker is on the left sleeve.

jurassic world merch 102351
jurassic world merch 102355

The inside of the hood is orange camo-patterned, with the silhouettes of dinosaurs and the T. rex logo.

“Jurassic World” Youth Tee – $30

jurassic world merch 102535

This tee is white with orange claw marks across the front. “Let em out” is in black over the claw marks. Four Atrociraptors run across the bottom.

jurassic world merch 102531

A “caution may bite” sign is on the left sleeve.

jurassic world merch 102543

A shipping container is on the back.

Hammond Collection Velociraptor Figure – $50

Velociraptor Figure

This Velociraptor figure is part of the Hammond Collection.

jurassic world merch 102650
jurassic world merch 102653

Check out the new “Jurassic World” raptor egg popcorn bucket, also available at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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