If You Love Mimosas, There’s One Booth You CANNOT Miss at EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival

Walking around EPCOT’s 2022 Food and Wine Festival and just need a mimosa? Don’t worry — the festival has you COVERED!

Shimmering Sips

There are a whole bunch of food and drink options for you to pick from at the Festival (and we’re making our way through them ALL to tell you what you should and shouldn’t grab). But if it’s a mimosa you’re after (or perhaps a sweet treat!) then the Shimmering Sips booth is where you’ll want to head. We visited this booth at the Festival this year and now we’re sharing all our thoughts on what is and is NOT worth your time here!


The Shimmering Sips booth is hosted by Corkcicle. This year, it’s got some returning drink selections (specifically some of the mimosas) as well as a NEW mimosa and new dessert!

Shimmering Sips

The booth can be quite popular! On the Festival’s opening date, there was a line forming for the booth well before its official opening time, so be prepared for that!

Shimmering Sips Line!

Of course, we had to get a little bit of everything here!

Our Spread

Let’s get to eating and drinking!


First up, we had to try the NEW plant-based snack available here this year. It’s a Guava Mousse on a sugar cookie with coconut-lime whipped cream for $4.75.

Guava Mousse

The guava is the most dominant flavor here. It’s very sweet and you get a nice tropical flavor. We couldn’t really taste any lime in the whipped cream. We would have liked to have gotten more lime there to contrast with the sweetness. But we did enjoy the coconut flakes on top of the whipped cream and how that added another layer of depth to the flavors!

A Closer Look

The sugar cookie on the bottom is a bit more crumbly than crunchy but was great texture-wise to break up the mousse. It was really delicious and had a great base of flavors. But be warned — this MUST be eaten quickly while cold. If not, you’ll end up with a puddle of guava instead of a true mousse. 😂

Let’s wash that down with some drinks, shall we?


This booth is ALL about mimosas so let’s dive into that now. First up, we’ve got the one mimosa that is NEW this year — it’s the Berry Sour Ale Mimosa, made with Boulevard Brewing Co. berry noir sour ale and sparkling wine. It’s priced at $9.

Berry Sour Ale Mimosa

This drink is exactly what it sounds like — a beer-mosa! Up front, you get a little bit of hoppiness and classic beer flavor with the champagne on the back end. The berry flavor is very faint. We think it’s a good drink for fall time (so maybe a bit later into the Festival) or for those who are big fans of that beer flavor and want to mix it up with some champagne.

Would You Try It?

Returning this year are the three other Mimosas, which we got as a mimosa flight for $14.

Mimosa Flight

The flight included the Tropical Mimosa, which is made with sparkling wine and Minute Maid passion fruit, orange, and guava juices. Yes, this is basically a Pog Juice Mimosa — what’s not to love?!

For us, this was the BEST mimosa out of the flight. This mimosa was VERY sweet, and the main flavors were passion fruit and mango, with that pineapple coming on the back end. It wasn’t tart at all, and was super refreshing! If you like sweet drinks, don’t look any further — THIS is the mimosa for you.

You can get this on its own for $6.50 (or as part of the flight).

Tropical Mimosa

The Key Lime Mimosa is made with key lime sparkling wine and cranberry juice and is priced at $6.50 on its own (or you can get it as part of the flight). In past years, we’ve found this to be tangy and refreshing, but we didn’t think it was as tasty as the other mimosas available here.

What did we think this year? Well, the key lime was actually very faint! We tasted mostly champagne this time around. The key lime flavor we did get (albeit faint) was very nice. It wasn’t sour (as some lime flavors can be). Instead, it was like the flavor you’d get from a key lime pie.

Key Lime Mimosa

Finally, the Blood Orange Mimosa is made with sparkling wine and blood orange juice. It is priced at $6.50 when bought on its own (or you can get it as part of the flight). In the past, this one has had the most intense flavor of all the mimosas.

This time around, we felt like it was bitter on the first sip, but you do get that orange on the back end. If you like drinks that aren’t necessarily sweet, we think this could be a good pick for you.

Blood Orange Mimosa

This booth is where you can also get the CORKCICLE Stemless Flute for $21 in case you want a souvenir to go with those drinks!


Overall, the Tropical Mimosa, Key Lime Mimosa, and Blood Orange Mimosa Shimmering Sips have made our list of the BEST returning treats at the Festival because they’re refreshing, gorgeous, and flavorful. And once again we think they’re one of the BEST returning items at the Food and Wine Festival. They’re tasty, fun, and refreshing! Plus, they’re great to share with friends.

The Flight

The guava mousse was actually a really tasty dessert and might be one of our favorites this year! As for the new Berry Sour Ale Mimosa, we think it’s one that could be good in the fall or fun for beer fans wanting a bit of champagne too, but it wasn’t our favorite.

Oh, and as a quick aside, note that Shimmering Sips is the spot where you’ll bring your stamped Festival Passport once you’ve completed Emile’s Fromage Montage (the Festival’s cheese crawl). When you bring that completed passport here, you’ll be able to get your completer prize.

Fromage Montage

There’s SO much to eat, drink, and do at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, and we realize it can be overwhelming. We’ve got some resources to help, though! First, you can grab the DFB EPCOT Food and Wine Festival Guide and learn how to navigate the festival like a pro. You can also grab our free EPCOT Food and Wine printable and keep up with ALL our reviews!

Food and Wine Time is Here!

Need even more help with planning? Be sure to check out our post about realistically budgeting for the festival as well as learn about what you need to do BEFORE you go!

Stay tuned to DFB for more!

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