The Definitive List of the BEST Desserts in Disney Springs!

When discussing the best desserts in Disney World, what comes to mind? Do you think of EPCOT’s treats, like Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe’s School Bread? Or a classic snack, like a Cheshire Cat Tail, from Magic Kingdom? Maybe you like to venture to Animal Kingdom for Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse from Pandora? Or, do you dream of a Hollywood Studios favorite, like the Grapefruit Cake from Hollywood Brown Derby?

A Dessert from The Edison

Disney World’s parks are probably what you think of when discussing dessert. But what about Disney Springs?! Yes, there are amazing options there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and our favorite “meal” (we like to consider it a meal, anyways) of all — dessert?! Today we’re sharing the best desserts Disney Springs has to offer! 

From doughnuts to cookies, from waffles to layer cake — here is our definitive list of the best desserts available at Disney Springs. Don’t miss these sweet treats on your next Disney World trip!

Bombolato – Vivoli il Gelato

Picture this: a warm Italian donut filled with gelato and your choice of sauce (caramel, chocolate, strawberry, etc.). That gets an automatic “yes” from us! We’ve tried various flavors of this special treat, as well as their specials, like a Mocha Caramel Bombolato (donut, coffee gelato, chocolate chips, and caramel sauce), a Nutella Tiramisu Bombolato (donut, tiramisu gelato, chocolate sauce, Nutella, and lady fingers), and a Strawberry Shortcake Bombolato (donut, cake batter gelato, fresh strawberries, and strawberry sauce). Seriously — it’s hard to go wrong when mixing warm donuts and tasty gelato. 

These can range in price, but usually start at $10. 

Mocha Caramel Bomobolato

Vivoli il Gelato also has a ton of seasonal specials, like their Asian American and Native Hawaiin/Pacific Islander Month Push Pop, St. Patrick’s Day Shake, and Halloween Cookie Sandwich! Of course, as the name and Bombolato’s suggest, they also have gelato! But we’ll get to that a little later.

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Cookies & Hot Cookie Hour – Gideon’s Bakehouse

Fully loaded, uniquely-flavored cookies that are almost half a pound! It’s no wonder why these cookies are one of the best desserts you can find in Disney Springs! This location is one of the many in Disney Springs that offer rotating menus, which means you can try a new flavor every time you visit (depending on how often you visit, of course — we’re not judging)! We’ve seen flavors like Chocolate Mint (dark chocolate cookie, mint, chocolate chips, and green glitter), Eternal Flame (dark chocolate cookie laced with ancho, cayenne, and cinnamon), Rocky Road (chocolate cookie, candied almond, and torched marshmallows), and Peanut Butter Espresso (creamy peanut butter, locally-roasted espresso beans, chocolate chips, and candied peanuts).

The cookies are usually $6.

Eternal Flame Cookie

We can’t forget Hot Cookie Hour! Between 2-3PM and 7-8PM each day, you can grab a Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie that’s served with Gideon’s Homemade Ice Cream! YUM! This can cost anywhere between $6-$10.

Hot Cookie Hour!

You can also grab a slice of cake or a unique cup of coffee (with flavors like Banana Bread)!

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Grilled Cheeeeeese With Bacon Hack – Everglazed Donuts

A donut shop and Grilled Cheese? You might have no idea where we’re going with this, which is why we love this treat so much! The most surprising thing about a Grilled Cheese Donut: how tasty it actually is! The Grilled Cheeeeeese (yes, that’s how they spell it) is usually served on a sweet bun, however, you can choose to upgrade to a griddled glazed donut instead for a buck! The sandwich itself costs $7!We recommend you do this, as it’s one of our favorite things we’ve tried at Everglazed. (Why are you laughing? We’re being serious!)

Grilled Cheeeeese

But that’s not all! We also recommend you try our hack! For an extra dollar, you can throw in some bacon too! Adding bacon to anything is usually a good idea, and this hack is no different!

Grilled Cheeeeeese Bacon Donut Sandwich Hack

Of course, Everglazed has many other donuts and cronuts, as well as sandwiches, fries, and coffees!

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Ice Cream – Salt & Straw

Looking for Ice Cream that will take you on a wild journey? Well, that’s what the owners of Salt & Straw intend to do, as they view Ice Cream as a platform for storytelling! These scoops tell your taste buds quite the story, with flavors like Saffron & Honey (with real, crystallized flower petals), Rhubarb Crumbles with Toasted Anise, Pistachio Rose Water with Strawberry Mochi, and…wait for it…Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey (crispy roasted turkey skin added to a candy brittle and salted caramel ice cream). This is another spot with a seasonal/rotating menu, so there’s often something new and exciting to try!

It’ll cost you $6.95 for a single scoop and $9.50 for a double scoop.

Baked Brie and Fig Cheesecake Ice cream and Chocolate Nocino Cherry Pie Ice Cream

They also have a fun series called the Student Inventor Series, where they base their flavors on stories made up by children! Oh, and Salt & Straw is a family-run business, which we think makes it even sweeter!

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Waffle Sundaes – Marketplace Snacks

We love a good ice cream cone, but imagine replacing your cone with a waffle! That’s what Market Place Snacks does! We’ve tried Sundaes themed after Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, and Pluto, which all had waffles, soft-serve, and various toppings! They’re super refreshing (which is perfect for the Florida heat), and bring a little sweetness to your day!

Donald Waffle

They’re also Instagrammable treats, which is a plus in our book — just take those pics quick before yours gets all melty! All of the Waffle Sundaes currently cost $8.99!

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Hummingbird Cake – Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

You may think of Southern, savory eats when it comes to Homecomin’, but one of our favorite items on the menu is actually a dessert (not an uncommon scenario to find ourselves in, to be honest). Homecomin’s signature Hummingbird Cake is a pineapple-banana cake with cream cheese frosting, finished off with a seasonal fruit gastrique and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream for good measure! This slice costs $13.

Chef Art Smith’s Hummingbird Cake

It’s super sweet, and is packed with pineapple flavor!

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Shine Cake – Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

There’s another cake at Homecomin’ that makes our list — Shine Cake! But caution — this dessert is for adults only! It’s a lemon poppyseed butter cake soaked with lemon-infused moonshine syrup, served with a blueberry compote and scoop of vanilla bean ice cream!

Shine Cake

At a $12 price, The Shine Cake is slightly cheaper than the Hummingbird Cake. So save room for cake when you visit Homecomin’. You can’t go wrong with either cake option we’ve mentioned!

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Ger’s Bread Pudding – Raglan Road

Ger’s Bread Pudding over at Raglan Road is also another great addition to any meal! It’s a layered, golden bread pudding flanked by caramel sauce and vanilla creme anglaise, and costs $11.

Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding

We recommend using alllll of both of those luscious sauces for the ultimate rich finish. Poor it on!

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Orange Blossom Pie – The Polite Pig 

The Orange Blossom Pie at The Polite Pig is definitely a DFB favorite! It’s packed with citrus flavors, and costs $7. This lighter dessert is a refreshing end to a barbecue meal at this Disney Springs restaurant.

Orange Blossom Pie

And a little pro-tip for our readers over the age of 21 — it pairs really well with their Grapefruit Margarita!

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Mickey Mousse – Amorette’s Patisserie

Amorette’s Patisserie has tons of pastries, cakes, and champagnes to choose from! It can honestly get overwhelming (and expensive), so we want to mention our absolute favorite iconic treat — the Mickey Mousse for $9! It’s a Chocolate Chiffon Cake with Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Mousse! 

Mickey Mousse

We love a good Mickey-shaped snack (and this one is super tasty), so the Mickey Mousse definitely had to appear on our list!

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Midnight Reverie Sundae – Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop

There are a ton of Sundae options over at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop, but one of our favorites is the Midnight Reverie Sundae! It’s a Dark Chocolate Sundae with Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge, Mini Chocolate Chips, and Whipped Cream. It also has a 72% Dark Chocolate Square! The sundae is currently $14.75. 

Ghirardelli Midnight Reverie Sundae

It tastes like a brownie in ice cream form, even though there’s no brownie in it. Chocolate lovers will adore this one!

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Gelato – Vivoli il Gelato

We told you we’d mention the Gelato at Vivoli il Gelato! Their Gelato is rich and creamy, and they have a wide variety of unique flavors! We’ve tried Rice Pudding, Pistachio, Bacio (Chocolate Hazelnut), and more! One scoop costs $7.50 and two scoops are $8.75!

Founders Porter Gelato from Vivoli il Gelato

It’s another great refreshing treat that you can find in Disney Springs!

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DOLE Whip Flight – Swirls on the Water

Okay, most of us have tried a DOLE Whip. But have you ever tried a Dole Whip…flight?! Swirls on the Water provides fun and unique takes on the classic Pineapple DOLE Whip, and you can try various flavors in a flight! We’ve tried flavors like Habanero LimePineapple and Vanilla Swirl, and Cookie Dough and Lemon Swirl!

The DOLE Whip Flight

This is a great option for adventurous eaters! The flight is currently $6.49!

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Create-Your-Own-Treats – Goofy’s Candy Co.

We’re finishing off with a treat you’re going to love. No seriously — this treat is created by you, for you! All you do is fill out a card with exactly what you’re looking for! Choose between treats like a caramel apple or a Mickey Rice Krispie treat, then pick which dipping flavor you want (white chocolate or milk chocolate), and then you can choose your toppings! One topping is included with the price, and additional toppings are $1 each. This cake pop we made was $4.99!

Go Make Your Own!

These are actually great for picky eaters, as you get to decide what goes on your treat!

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That wraps up our list of the BEST desserts in Disney Springs! We have a sweet tooth now…do you?! If you’re looking for more of the best locations in Disney World, check out our list of the BEST Restaurants in Disney World in 2022! Or, if you’re looking for some 50th Anniversary Eats, check out our list of 50 Foods to Eat in Disney World for the 50th Anniversary!

And we’ll continue to bring you the latest Disney news, so stay tuned to DFB!

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