The BEST Disney Movies and Shows to Watch This Pride Month!

Disney+ has brought some incredible new movies and shows to the platform full of representation. I just wanted to take a moment to highlight some shows and movies with LGBTQ+ representation currently in the “Celebrate Pride Month” section on Disney+.

There are two shows on Disney+ that I love that have fantastic LGBTQ+ representation. Big Shot and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series are both awesome shows with great storylines, and both have a diverse cast. I don’t want to spoil any of the shows but know that each show showcases LGBTQ+ characters in a great way. I grew up watching all the different High School Musical movies, so when this new series came to Disney+, I was so excited, and the show did not disappoint. If you enjoy musical theatre, you should give the show a chance. Big Shot stars John Stamos, and his role is being a basketball coach and a father. Big Shot covers a lot of relatable situations that can be found in schools and families.

A new movie on Disney+ called Better Nate Than Ever is a coming of age story of a teenager who dreams of being on Broadway. This movie is about learning that you can be different and that it’s okay to be different. Nate rather be singing than playing sports, and that’s perfectly fine. In the movie, he goes to New York to audition for a Broadway version of Lilo and Stitch. This movie is for the kids that feel different and misunderstood in life.

If you want a documentary to watch this Pride Month, Disney+ has one called Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric from national geographic. In this documentary, Katie Couric sets out and explores questions about gender identity with experts and everyday people.

Now, if movies and shows aren’t your things, there is a Pixar short called Out, which is a cute and emotional short. The short is about ten minutes and shines a light on the struggle of coming out to family members. The first time I saw the short, I had tears in my eyes because the storyline was made well, and the situation tugged at my heartstrings.

There are many ways to celebrate Pride Month with Disney, whether in the parks or in the comfort of your home. I am so happy to see that they created a “Celebrate Pride Month” section on Disney+ because it helps highlight shows and movies with representation. I hope you can take some time this month to watch and support these movies, series, and shorts.

Have you watched any of these shows or movies? Let us know in the comments.