REVIEW: It’s a Disney World Snack Battle and We’re Telling YOU What’s Worth the $$$

It’s June, which means it’s both summertime AND Pride Month in Disney World!

Pride Cheesecake Dome

If you’re visiting Disney World this June, you have the opportunity to try new summer and Pride treats, which means there’s a LOT to eat (let’s be honest though, is that any different than a usual visit to Disney World?). We tried four new treats and one drink to help you narrow down your list, although we have a feeling you may want to get all of them. Don’t worry, we won’t judge!

Magic Kingdom

Main Street, U.S.A. Churro Cart

In Magic Kingdom, you can now grab the new Tropical Serenade Churro for $7.25 from the Main Street, U.S.A. churro cart. This churro is rolled in pineapple sugar, drizzled with marshmallow cream, and topped with sugar flowers and pineapple chunks. The pieces of pineapple are basically the kind of freeze-dried fruit candy you might find in trail mix.

Tropical Serenade Churro

This one’s a winner, folks. We loved this churro! In fact, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your hands before eating this because you will surely want to lick every finger.

Tropical Serenade Churro

This churro is true to the classic churro flavor with a teeny hint of pineapple. The marshmallow drizzle keeps the churro light and you do get a little bit of marshmallow taste, but it’s not overwhelming or distracting. The flowers are pressed sugar so you might want to skip them if that’s not your thing, but they do make the treat look so happy and pretty!

Tropical Serenade Churro

When you take a bite, you can’t really taste the pineapple sugar much BUT if you combine a piece of the dried pineapple with the churro it’s the perfect mix of rich, sugary sweetness from the churro and bold, fruity sweetness from the pineapple. You can really taste the pineapple on the spots that have more sugar, but it’s still light and subtle and harmonizes so well with the churro!

Tropical Serenade Churro

Visit Main Street, U.S.A. to give this churro a try!


Connections Cafe

For Pride Month, Connections Cafe and Eatery has added a Pride Liege Waffle for $3.99! It’s basically a waffle with rainbow frosting, and we have to admit — it’s really cute. If you remember the Liege Waffle, this one is made with the same waffle base, which is fresh Brioche dough pressed in pearl sugar and baked in a cast iron.

Pride Liege Waffle

We thought our waffle was really fresh and the crunch from the sugar was really nice. The frosting was a sweet addition!

Pride Liege Waffle

However, the frosting is almost too sweet alongside the sugary texture of the waffle, but other than that it was really good. It would make a great quick breakfast in the morning or a sweet mid-afternoon snack. The colorful frosting is so fun!

Pride Liege Waffle

If you don’t like sweet treats you probably want to skip this one. If frosting isn’t your thing, you could always order the Liege Waffle plain from Connections Cafe or go all out for the other Liege Waffle (which is topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce) from Connections Eatery.

Pride Liege Waffle

Take a look at this colorful waffle in our video below!

The Pride Liege Waffle is available through June 30th!

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe

There’s another new Pride Month treat in EPCOT! The Pride Cake from Kringla Bakeri og Kafe (in the Norway pavilion) is made with colorful almond frangipane cake layered with chocolate ganache for $4.29. It’s topped with a slab of dark chocolate decorated with rainbow Mickeys.

Pride Cake

The Pride Cake had the consistency of a flourless cake, and it was pretty good! The chocolate ganache was incredible and very creamy — but not overwhelming. We also thought that the portion size was great for the price.

Pride Cake

On the flip side, there was not a lot of almond flavor and the flavor of the cake was pretty bland. The chocolate ganache was the star of the show and what gave this treat flavor and sweetness.

Pride Cake

It’s overall a basic cake but anyone who enjoys a sweet slice of cake and chocolate ganache would probably enjoy this. If you’re looking for a unique and heavy almond flavor cake, however, this isn’t it.

Pride Cake

The Pride Cake will be available through June 30th!

Animal Kingdom

Nomad Lounge

At Nomad Lounge, you can now grab the Pride Rainbow Cocktail for $18. It’s made with Absolut Citron Vodka, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Cruxland Gin, pineapple juice, sour mix, Chambord, a splash of Sprite, Blue Curacao, and a lotus glow cube.

Pride Cocktail

This drink is absolutely beautiful, but it’s SUPER sweet. Like off-the-charts sweet. Imagine the sweetest drink you’ve ever tried — this one might be sweeter.

Pride Cocktail

If you want an Instagram-worthy drink, this is it, folks. Just make sure someone in your group enjoys sweet, juice-based drinks. But just look at all those colors and the finishing touch of the lotus flower glow cube! This really is a rainbow drink.

Those colors!

It’s pretty safe to say that if you don’t like sweet drinks or don’t want to shell out $18, give this one a skip. But if you want a pretty drink, look no further! It’s available through June 30th.

Art of Animation Resort

Landscape of Flavors

And at Landscape of Flavors in Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, we stopped to try the new Rainbow of Pride cake for $5.79! This cake will be available at a variety of Disney World Resort hotels, and it’s a vanilla cake roll with lemon cream cheese filling and white chocolate decor.

Rainbow of Pride

Our first thought? WOW! Not only is it really pretty, but it’s also probably one of the freshest desserts we’ve ever had on Disney property! The vanilla cake was super moist and fluffy, and there was something about the lemon cream cheese filling that made the cake more decadent than expected. The white chocolate rainbow piece is an average-tasting white chocolate (with a LOT of colorful dye) sitting on some tasty whipped cream.

Rainbow of Pride

The lemon cream cheese brought out that cream cheese icing flavor and it was absolutely delicious. It kind of reminded us of carrot cake — except vanilla with a hint of lemon! The sprinkles were pretty melted and they didn’t have any crunch.

Rainbow of Pride

If you look closely you might notice edible glitter on top, and if it touched your fingers it would make them sparkly. Overall, it’s a great sweet dessert without being too sweet! This treat will be available through June 30th.

Rainbow of Pride

If you’re looking for new foods to try in Disney World this June, you can visit the following links to check out what’s new:

Oof, that was so many new foods! And guess what — there are more to come, so keep following DFB for more Disney World food reviews. We’ve got a lot more to cover for summer and Pride Month!

All the NEW food coming to Disney World this summer!

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