New ‘Jaws’ Shirts, Hoodie, and Drawstring Backpack at Universal Studios Florida

New “Jaws” shirts, a hoodie, and a drawstring backpack have swum into the summer Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida. These red, white, and blue items are perfect for a shark-free Independence Day at the beach.

“Jaws” Youth Tee – $35

This tee has a white torso, blue sleeves, and a red neckline.

A shark is pictured in blue over “Jaws” in red.

A bloody tooth is on the back corner of the tee.

“Jaws” Drawstring Backpack – $28

This backpack has the same design of a shark over “Jaws” on a white block.

There are red stripes to the sides and blue sections to the top and bottom.

A white shark fin is near the opening.

The drawstring straps are blue.

“Jaws” Youth Tank – $25

This white tank is patterned all over with cartoon-ish images of sharks, life preservers, anchors, and the “Jaws” logo.

The images are in red and blue.

“Jaws” Sweatshirt – $60

This hooded sweatshirt is red on top and blue on the bottom. There are white stripes across the elbows.

“Jaws” is stamped on the shirt in white and red. It also reads “Since 1971.” A shark fin is near the neck.

“Jaws” is in white on the back.

“Jaws” Tee – $35

This tee has large red, white, and blue stripes.

A shark crosses over each stripe in a different color.

“Jaws” is in white on the left sleeve.

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