New U-Design ‘Jurassic World’ Phone Cases at Universal Orlando Resort

New “Jurassic World” phone cases are available at U-Design kiosks and pre-made throughout Universal Orlando Resort.

“Jurassic World” Signs Collage Phone Case – $30

This first phone case features a collage of dinosaur-related warning signs.

The signs are in various languages and depict various types of dinosaurs. One “beware” sign features a triceratops flipping a car. Another features a brontosaurus and reads “Mantenere le distanze” (“Maintain the distance” in French). One sign reads “No swimming, mosaurus sighting, beach closed.”

“Jurassic World” No Selfies Sign Phone Case – $30

This case is a larger version of one of the signs on the case above. It reads “No selfies” in white lettering against a red background. The black silhouette of a couple taking a selfie is in a white circle with a line through it. The black silhouette of a triceratops is to the side.

“Jurassic World” Warning Sign Phone Case – $30

The final phone case also features one of the warning signs. This one has the Jurassic World T. rex logo in the center of a yellow octagon, with a red x behind it. The warning at the top and bottom is in Japanese.

"Jurassic World" phone cases

The latter two “Jurassic World” phone cases are also available in U-Design kiosks for $30. Customization is an additional $5.

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