New Mickey Ice Cream Bar ID Holders by Loungefly at Walt Disney World

Two new ID holders by Loungefly have arrived at Walt Disney World, both inspired by Mickey ice cream bars. We found them in Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar ID Holder Lanyard – $22

This first ID holder comes on a lanyard.

A small Mickey ice cream bar charm hangs from the lanyard.

It has a bite taken out of it, exposing the white ice cream.

The lanyard is an off-white color and patterned all over with Mickey Premium Bars.

The strap is dark brown at the back and has a buckle.

The actual ID holder has a transparent card slot.

The pleather around the transparent window is brown. The interior is patterned with Mickey bars.

The other side is also patterned with Mickey bars and looks like it has chocolate dripping down from the top.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar Retractable ID Holder Lanyard – $22

This ID holder is on a retractable clip instead of a lanyard.

One side features a Mickey ice cream bar against an off-white background with chocolate dripping from the top. The bar has a bite taken out of one ear.

The other side has a transparent card slot, surrounded by light brown pleather. The all-over pattern of Mickey bars is inside.

Another bitten Mickey bar is pictured on the clip.

Which of these would you rather use? Let us know in the comments, and check out the latest Loungefly Minnie ear headband.

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