PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Experience 7 Disney World Rides With the Lights ON!

Ever sit inside of a darker Disney World ride and think to yourself “I wonder how awesome [creepy, weird, strange, incredible, fascinating, spooky, *insert word here*] this ride would look with the lights ON!“? Well, you’re not alone!

Splash Mountain

Disney makes purposeful use of lights and special effects to trick your eyes into seeing the “magic” that they want you to view. But, sometimes you might become witness to a very special situation. Turns out a ride stopping in the middle of your experience might not be a bad thing after all! 😂 Sometimes, when a ride breaks down, needs to be evacuated, or just temporarily stops, the lights in that attraction might all turn ON, giving you one of the most unique views of the ride that you’ll ever get! We ourselves, and some of our awesome readers, have experienced this multiple times and we’ve got all kinds of cool photos and videos to share with you. So…what are you waiting for?! Ready to spoil a bit of the magic? Read on!

🚨WARNING. 🚨 Seeing a ride with the lights on can spoil a bit of the “magic,” as you’ll get to see wires, animatronics, etc. in a totally new (and more exposed) manner. If you aren’t one who wants to know how the sausage gets made (so to speak) then you might not want to read on!

For those of you who are ready for a behind-the-scenes adventure, let’s get started!


First up, we’ve got Splash Mountain. We witnessed the lights coming on in this attraction in March of 2022. With the lights on, you can get a much better view of some of the scenery around you, as well as some more behind-the-scenes spots that help the ride function.


But, that wasn’t the first time we saw Splash with the lights on! During Disney’s After Hours BOO Bash event, we got stuck on the ride at one point and the work lights came on.

A Unique View

Ever noticed all those stairs running alongside the boats? They’re easier to spot once those work lights are turned on. It’s so interesting to see things from this unique perspective!

So Neat

Also at Magic Kingdom, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (a favorite of many fans) is no stranger to evacuations. Oftentimes, you may find that temporary stop or evacuation takes place in the entirely outdoor sections of the PeopleMover, but sometimes the lights will go on in an indoor area!

Uh Oh!

One of our readers actually got to walk a portion of the track that is indoors — take a look at that track on the floor and other details you can see in the light!

We’ve also seen the lights come on while riding the PeopleMover quite a few times within the last few weeks.

Lights on Near the Progress City Model

You just never know what portion of a ride you might get stopped in and what cool views you’ll get.


Click here to see guests being evacuated from the PeopleMover!


Over at EPCOT, there are a number of dark rides that look VERY different in the light.

In March of 2021, we got to see Test Track with the lights ON. Things look very different here without all the bright lights, fast movements, and exciting music.


Spaceship Earth is another one that is really interesting to see with the lights on. Our reader Skyler D. ( reached out to us back in March of 2022 with some really interesting photos when the lights went on at this attraction during their ride!

CREDIT: via Instagram

Did you have any clue that the ride vehicles were THAT lifted off the ground?!

CREDIT: via Instagram

It’s interesting enough to see things in the light when you’re stopped, but even cooler to see it with the ride in motion!


Even Disney’s newest rides can experience technical issues and more that cause them to be evacuated and have the lights turned on. In late 2021, DFB reader Doris was on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure when the ride broke down.

Credit: DFB reader Doris

That gave our reader some really unique views of the ride and just what happens during an evacuation there.

Credit: DFB reader Doris

Running away from Chef Skinner seems a little less frightening in the light!

Click here to go INSIDE Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure with us!


At Hollywood Studios, we’ve spoken many a time about Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance going down or being closed for extended periods of time due to technical issues or other problems.

Rise breaking down

If Rise breaks down and you happen to be on the attraction, you could get a better view of some of the spaces, animatronics, and details all around you!

Rise of the Resistance Stopped

It can be frustrating when a ride you’ve been eagerly waiting for goes down during your ride through, but it’s something that can happen and it’s something you’ll want to mentally prepare yourself and the family for.

Click here to see what to do when Rise of the Resistance goes DOWN or breaks


Finally, our lights-on park adventure leaves us at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and one of the park’s darkest rides — DINOSAUR! This ride can honestly be kinda frightening when you’re in the dark surrounded by all of those intimidating-looking dinos. But, turn on the lights and…it’s a bit of a different story! A big thanks to Lisa F. for these photos.

Photo Credit: Lisa F.

With the lights on, you can see just how much foliage and theming is located on this ride…

Photo Credit: Lisa F.

…plus you get a really unique view of some of the things that make the magic possible like tubes, lighting, and (of course) the essential exits.

This doesn’t look good for Dr. Seeker’s mission! | Photo credit: Lisa F.

And that’s a look at some of Disney World’s rides with the lights ON! Have you ever gotten stuck on a ride and gotten to see it with the lights on? What ride do you wish you could see with the lights on? Tell us in the comments below!

And check back with us for more Disney news, tips, and tricks!

Click here to watch Tomorrowland Speedway be evacuated in Disney World

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Have you ever seen a ride with the lights on? Tell us in the comments about your experience!

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