New ‘Turning Red’ Plush and Toy Sets at Disneyland Resort

More “Turning Red” toys have arrived at Disneyland Resort, including a fluffy red panda Mei plush.

Red Panda Mei Plush – $34.99

This large plush is of Meilin in her red panda form.

Human Mei Plush – $26.99

Another version of Mei as a human is also now available as a plush. This differs from the one we found with all her friends because she has red hair and is wearing her red hoodie cardigan.

Deluxe Meilin Doll – $34.99

This set comes with a Meilin doll wearing her red cardigan, denim skirt, purple leggings, and sneakers.

It includes a red panda suit to “transform” Mei into her panda form.

It also includes her maple leaf pajamas.

“Turning Red” Figurine Set – $24.99

This set comes in a plastic case shaped like a red panda head.

It includes figurines of Mei in both her panda and human forms, Priya, Abby, and Miriam. Their tops all have a layer of sparkles, and Mei and Miriam are singing into microphones.

We found the first three items at the Emporium in Disneyland and the last toy set in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

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