New Mei, Abby, Priya, and Miriam ‘Turning Red’ Plush Poof into Disneyland Resort

Mei and her friends from “Turning Red” have poofed into Disneyland Resort, in plush form.

We first found Priya and Miriam in the Emporium at Disneyland Park.

“Turning Red” Priya Plush – $16.99

Priya is dressed just like she is in the film, with an orange striped shirt, brown pants, and sneakers.

She is also sporting her eyeglasses.

“Turning Red” Miriam Plush – $16.99

Miriam is also dressed just like in the film. She’s wearing a plaid green flannel, blue shirt, green pants, and brown shoes.

You can also see her braces, freckles, earrings, and necklace.

She wears a green beanie with her hair in braids.

We then found Mei and Abby at Knick’s Knacks in Disney California Adventure.

“Turning Red” Abby Plush – $16.99

Abby is in her purple overalls with flowers on the front and a pink long-sleeved shirt underneath.

She has a determined look on her face.

She’s also wearing heart-shaped earrings and a pink headband.

“Turning Red” Mei Plush – $16.99

Mei is in her human form (a red panda plush is available on shopDisney).

She’s wearing a pink polo, denim skirt, purple leggings, and a red hoodie tied at her waist. Her silver eyeglasses are embroidered on her face and she has colorful hair clips.

All the girls are wearing matching rainbow friendship bracelets.

Check out the new “Turning Red” Minnie ear headband also recently released at Disneyland.

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