Disneyland’s Most Exclusive Lounge is Reopening Soon

Disney’s Club 33 is kind of like The Office‘s Finer Things Club — it’s secret, mysterious, and membership is VERY limited.

Club 33 Mosaic Logo

There is a Club 33 located in several Disney Parks, although Disneyland Park is the site of the original VIP lounge designed for Walt Disney’s friends and VIP guests. Part of this exclusive club has been undergoing refurbishment, and we now have a reopening date!

Disneyland’s Club 33 is located at 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square, and to get access to this club membership costs $25,000, with a $10,000 annual fee, according to the Orange County Register. Willing to splurge? The waitlist to join could take multiple years. 😱


So what’s the big deal? In addition to a number of membership perks, Disneyland’s Club 33 is home to two floors and two dining spots, including an entrance area called the Court of Angels, the Grand Salon main dining room, and the Salon Nouveau cocktail lounge. Although the main dining room has remained open, the courtyard and the lounge have been closed for a month-long refurbishment.

Salon Nouveau

According to the Orange County Register, Salon Nouveau will open on April 16th! This cocktail lounge was added to Club 33 in 2014 as part of an extended renovation.

Salon Nouveau

Former Napa Rose Chef Gloria Tae, “the first female chef de cuisine at Club 33,” oversees the menus of both the Grand Salon and Salon Nouveau, and also the nearby 21 Royal dining experience.


So if you’d love to dine at Club 33, start saving your pennies, or hang out with us and enjoy looking at it from afar. Keep following DFB for more Disneyland news!

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