REVIEW: Taste Around the Galaxy (Featuring Blue Shrimp) for Dinner on Night 2 of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Dinner on the second night of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is themed to a Taste Around the Galaxy, featuring the infamous blue shrimp. This meal is served family-style with a fair bit of fanfare as each dish is introduced.

Dinner takes place in the Crown of Corellia Dining room.


The menu is white and red with the Chandrila Star Line logo on the front.

There are four courses, and each dish is themed to a different planet. Guests can purchase specialty cocktails and beers on tap.

There are two entrées: Braised Bantha Beef Short Rib and Seared Kashyyyk Whitefish. Tip Yip Chicken with herbed porridge, roasted flora, and red onion vinaigrette is available upon request.

Wine selections are on the back of the menu.

Captain’s Table Menu

The menu is a bit fancier for guests dining at the Captain’s Table. It’s white and silver.

They have a few extra courses.

Course 1 – Bread Service

Mustafarian Spreads and Breads

Assorted breads with Pima-cheese, dried redfruit spread, apricot relish, and roasted Chando dip

Pima-cheese is a pimento cheese spread. It has the consistency of whipped cream, so it’s light and fluffy. The redfruit spread is delicious. It’s a thick and hearty tomato-based spread with onion and pepper.

The apricot relish is sweet but also has a bit of pepper for heat. The texture is that of a thick jam. The Chando dip may be eggplant-based — it has the flavor and texture of baba ghanoush.

The breads are a variety of textures. There are thin and crispy pieces, thicker more traditional bread (except purple), and a naan-style bread. All work well with the dips. It’s not Sanaa bread service, but it is excellent.

Course 2 – Shrimp Course

Iced Felucian Shrimp Cocktail

with Redball Jungle cocktail sauce, pickled mushrooms, and Ocean Weed

Hailing from the jungle planet of Felucia, these blue shrimp have been a star of the marketing for the Starcruiser. It has a great presentation, but it is really just a shrimp cocktail.

The shrimp are a nice size, maybe equivalent of 10-15 per pound. They are juicy and not overcooked. The cocktail sauce, however, is pretty bland. There’s hardly any horseradish, just ketchup with a bit of tang and sweetness.

Course 3 – Entrées

Braised Bantha Beef Short Rib

with rich Fig-fruit Demi-glace, tuber-Tumeric purée, and nightshade flora

These are well cooked and not too fatty. They’re better than most short ribs at Walt Disney World these days. The fig demiglace is delicious and tangy with not too much sweetness. It works well with the beef.

The Tumeric whipped potatoes are excellent. They’re creamy, and you can taste the Tumeric, but it’s not overpowering.

The roasted vegetables are well cooked, too, with a nice selection of colored carrots and white radishes that bring visual interest to the dish.

Seared Kashyyyk Whitefish

with Greenpod purée, Jekka seed, cornseed relish, yellowfruit, and buttercream

Jekka seeds are an aquatic legume mentioned in passing in a Legends-era novel, while yellowfruit is butternut squash.

This has nice big chunks of seared grouper. The fish is just a smidge over-cooked but not terrible. The pea purée is delicious, but the rest of the succotash is underwhelming. The Beurre blanc sauce has a hint of lemon that works well with the fish.

Course 4 – Dessert

Chandrilan Air Cake

Chocolate, cream of Jogan fruit, Terateak fruit jelly

Jogan are a purple fruit found across the galaxy, while Terateak are native to Batuu.

This is nice, light, and sweet. It’s a really pleasant finish to the meal. The cake is moist with a rich chocolate flavor. The cream has a great buttery consistency and citrusy zest. The top is a thin dark chocolate ring, and the straws are dark chocolate as well.

The little ornament on the side is hibiscus mousse topped with a hibiscus gel. Not bad, but it looks very cool.

Younglings’ Menu


Kids get a Flora Greens Salad and Flora Rice Paper Rolls for their appetizers.


Chedd-Cheese Beef Spiral Dumplings

This was fantastic! It’s similar to the cheeseburger pod at Satu’li Canteen, but better. It has a great cheesy, beefy flavor.

The pod was perfectly steamed and then grilled. We highly recommend requesting one of these, if not the whole younglings’ meal.

Fried Tip Yip Chicken Chunks

The spiciness comes through nicely on these small chunks. Grilled Tip Yip Chicken Swords with sweet-and-sour sauce were on the menu but didn’t come with our requested plate.

Cheese Pizza

This is decent but nothing special. It has a good, fluffy dough. The tomato sauce has a fresh taste to it, and there’s plenty of hearty cheese. It’s good but has no remarkable flavors.


Steamed Green Beans

These are well cooked with a nice salt and butter finish.

Buttered Noodles

These are the same trumpet noodles that come with the mac and cheese at lunch, but these are buttered instead of cheesy. Picky kids will be happy with this.

Steamed Carrot Spirals

These have been slightly steamed but are still al dente. There’s no real seasoning. It’s the most boring thing on the kids’ plate. A fruit cup was also listed on the menu but didn’t come.

Crispy Sliced Waffle Fries

These are tasty and crisp. They’re like a McDonald’s hashbrown.

Overall, it’s worth it to request a younglings’ meal alongside your dinner, even if you don’t have children in your party.


This is a cool meal with a fun presentation. The chefs come out and introduce each dish and give a little history about it. The lighting and music change, and the servers all come out in a line and present the dishes to each table.

The food was a mixture of good and forgettable. Nothing was outright bad, but a lot was underseasoned. The dinners are solid and definitely better than the buffets.

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