REVIEW: Don’t Skip This SERIOUSLY Underrated Spot in Magic Kingdom

If you know us, you know that we are MAJOR foodies. But we don’t just eat all this stuff for the fun of it. We review every single restaurant in Disney World because we want to make sure that you, our readers, know what to order, what’s worth the money, and what you can skip!

No offense, Sonny!

We have seen and eaten it ALL (We’re talking full fish with the bones and all and cheese that’s literally on FIRE), so when we tell you that we recommend a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, you know it has to be pretty good! Today, we’re taking a trip back in time and visiting Liberty Square to see if Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is worth a visit.


Located right next to the Cinderella Castle in Liberty Square, this quiet little quick-service restaurant may be easy to miss. In fact, it may be called Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, but we’re telling you, don’t SLEEP on this dining location! There is no indoor seating, and tables are limited, but we’ve been big fans of Sleepy Hollow for quite a while.

There is some seating off to the side!

Plastic silverware, napkins, and condiments are also available outside near the ordering stations. There’s not a whole lot of shade, which isn’t ideal in the summer, but if you’re willing to forfeit a little A.C. for a good meal, we say go for it!

You’ve got some great views of the castle from this seating area!

It also offers a great view of the castle. So sitting here at night or during the fireworks (though you might not see everything) is a nice option. Okay, so that’s pretty much the gist of the place, now let’s order!


To order, guests must wait in line and place an order with a Cast Member. Depending on the time of day, the line might be super short, or it might take a little bit of patience. When limited edition items are released here, the line can get pretty long and brutal since most of it is in the sun. You can also Mobile Order from this location.

The line usually isn’t too bad!

The menu here is pretty small, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some AMAZING options here! For breakfast, we love to recommend the Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich, but you can also order Mickey waffles, funnel cake, or a Haunted Mansion-themed push-pop.


Following breakfast, guests have some different options! Throughout the day, Corn Dogs and Waffle Sandwiches are available for a little afternoon snack. After 7PM, Turkey Legs are available at Sleepy Hollow for your late-night meat cravings.


There are also some sweet (and salty) sides and desserts.


During our most recent visit to Sleepy Hollow, we started off with the Hand-Dipped Corn Dog served with house-made chips for $11.29.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; the corn dogs here are DELICIOUS! The breading is crispy and warm (the snacks here are all freshly made), and the hot dog is a good size!

It comes with chips, too!

We will admit, this snack is a little oily, though we kind of expected that from a deep-fried hot dog! After a long day of walking around the Magic Kingdom, this is a nice and filling snack. If you love corn dogs (or even plain hot dogs), give this a try. On the other hand, if you’re not in the mood for heavy, fried food, this (obviously) isn’t for you.

Would (and will) order again!

Now it’s time for the main meal: the Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken-Waffle Sandwich for $11.29. The sandwich comes with broccoli slaw and a honey-sriracha glaze and is served with a side of house-made chips. To state the obvious, this one is pretty spicy, so keep that in mind. In fact, we would say that it’s spicier than it is sweet. But, if you don’t mind a little sweet heat, this is one of our favorite snacks in the Magic Kingdom.

Hello, beautiful

The waffle itself is plain and light, which makes it prime sandwich material. Oh, you guys. The chicken is so moist (it’s WAY better than a regular chicken tender) and makes up — literally and figuratively– the meat of the sandwich. The broccoli and kale slaw is quite good, especially when coated in that honey-sriracha sauce. This is a good one, but you have to be committed to the spice.

Make sure to grab some napkins!

Our biggest complaint is that our sandwich was lacking on the slaw. The slaw gives the sandwich a cool, crunchy texture, but we think this would taste even better with some apples added in there, too. Overall, this is an original, flavorful treat that we highly recommend for people who can tolerate a medium-level of spiciness.

We could’ve used more slaw

What, you thought we could stand smelling that fresh Funnel Cake with Strawberries and Powdered Sugar and NOT order it?! This sweet fried dessert is served with strawberries and whipped cream for $8.29. Looks good, right?

This is a HUGE serving!

We may have heard angels singing while we ate this — it was SO good! You’re probably thinking, “Of course it’s good; it’s fried dough and sugar!” And yeah, you’re right. But the funnel cake here is perfectly crispy on the outside yet pillowy soft inside. The strawberry cooled off our mouths, and the powdered sugar was heavenly. In the past, we’ve added ice cream to our Mickey waffles here (it’s one of our favorite snack hacks!), and we suggest trying the same thing with the funnel cake. It makes a big difference on a hot day!

It’s funnel cake; it HAS to be good!

To sum it up in one word: YUM. We don’t have a single bad thing to say about this funnel cake. If you’re looking for a sweet, shareable snack, this is the thing for you!

So. Good.

Our best advice is to order the funnel cake right before you grab a spot for the fireworks; that way you won’t be hungry while you wait for the show.

Nosh Or Not

Ride on over to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments if…

  • You LOVE waffles or funnel cake.

  • You have a variety of eaters in your group! A picky eater might enjoy a corn dog, while a more adventurous eater might try the Spicy Chicken waffle. 

  • You’re looking for a budget-friendly (but tasty) lunch.

Skip Sleepy Hollow Refreshments if…

  • You are in a rush. The food here is made fresh, so it might take a little while for your food to come out!

  • You aren’t interested in fried foods.

  • If you’re hoping for a full meal, you might be better off dining at a sit-down restaurant instead.


We love Sleepy Hollow — this spot rarely disappoints! The food here is consistently solid, although expect a small menu made up of mainly fried foods. Magic Kingdom is notorious for having subpar fast food options, so this spot is a great option for guests looking for a little afternoon snack. The value is well worth it, plus you can’t beat that Cinderella Castle view!

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