REVIEW: Breakfast Buffet on Disembarkation Day at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Day 3 onboard the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is departure day and much like Disney Cruise Line voyages, disembarkation is bright and early. However, there’s time for one last breakfast buffet at the Crown of Corellia Dining Room.

Some of the offerings are the same as on day 2, but there were some new intergalactic treats as well.


Breakfast Buffet Options

Chandrila Star Line Waffles, Rolled Omelets, and Roasted Sausage

Egg and cheese omelet

The Chandrila Star Line-branded waffle is available separate from the sides, too.

The rolled omelet is a great, unique way to eat eggs instead of the ubiquitous runny scrambled eggs usually found on buffets. The sausage is smoked and very good. We were amazed at the freshness of the waffle, which uses the same batter as classic Mickey waffles.

Sweet Cakes

Blueberry muffin, croissant, and sweet bun with blue milk butter and strawberry jelly

The muffin was good, with a crispy top instead of the typical sticky top you usually get. The croissant was surprisingly good, crunchy on the top with a tasty tart berry filling. The sweet bun was literally just a dinner roll sprinkled with green sugar. The accompanying blue milk butter was a very light and airy whipped affair, with a consistency more like thick whipped cream than a buttery spread. Not a buttery taste either, mostly nondescript. The strawberry jelly cube on top was good. It was compressed into a dense cube similar to jelly candies.

Scrambled Eggs

These are your typical Disney buffet eggs. These are maybe the most normal comfort food you’ll get on the whole trip.

Palmfruit Yogurt Acai Sweet Creamfreeze

Yogurt topped with quinoa granola and Yuzu jelly

This is a thick Greek-style yogurt. It’s rather sour and doesn’t have much flavor. It would have been good if it was at least vanilla. The fresh berries and granola on top were good and a welcome change from the compressed or freeze-dried fruit we had all trip.

Compressed Fruit Plate

Vacuum-sealed fruit bites with simple syrup

This is an obvious attempt to make something look vaguely space-themed. The watermelon had a weird, minty taste. The other fruits were not sweet, but we wouldn’t expect them to be in March. The dried fruits on top were blueberries, which were a nice, sweet accompaniment. The dragonfruit jelly was weird and not very flavorful.

Breakfast Meat Pie

Flatbread with cheese, sausage, and bacon

This is meat and cheese with no egg. The sauce is a fairly spicy coriander-based sauce similar to the one we had with the buns at dinner on the first day. It was okay but we didn’t like the sauce with it.

Crispy Tuber Waffle

Potato waffle with apple fruit bacon, cheddar egg bite, and herbed egg-butter sauce

This has similar ingredients as the dish yesterday but with an entirely different presentation.

The bacon doesn’t look good and tasted worse. It was gross. The rosette yesterday was one hundred times better. The egg was the same mushy thing as yesterday. The potato waffle is a hashbrown from a waffle maker, which is a cool presentation. It was available on the kid’s platter last night.

Spiced Bobotie with Red Fruit Jam

Plant-based egg with tomato jam

This is essentially the same dish you get at Boma, but in an individual serving. It was not quite hot enough here.

Meteor Egg

Scotch egg coated in cake batter with Turmeric aioli

This was fantastic. The egg was cooked perfectly. The coating was light and flaky. It wasn’t greasy at all.

This was our favorite breakfast item today. It is the perfect example of something looks odd and interesting but is actually fairly normal and tastes good. They need to find this balance in more offerings.


Blue and Green Milk on Tap

SWGS Blue and Green Milk on Tap

Soft Drinks

Juice Bar

The juice bar served cranberry, grapefruit, orange, and apple juices.

Espresso, cappuccino, and lattes are available on request (you can order spiked versions as well at an additional cost).

Grab-and-Go Breakfast

If you prefer to eat on the move, a grab-and-go breakfast is available in the Sublight Lounge on Deck 4.

Decaf and regular coffee can be found here with to-go cups.

Orange juice and tea are also available.

Fruit is available, including longfruit (bananas) and Batuuan clementines.

The to-go boxes have pastries and Palmfruit Yogurt inside.

The boxes have a Chandrila Star Line sticker keeping them closed.

The pastries are similar to those you would get at the buffet breakfast.

The Palmfruit Yogurt is the same, as well.

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