Review: If You’re Trying to Up Your Insta Game, Get THIS in Disney World

Hello from the 2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts!

EPCOT Festival of the Arts 2022

If you’ve been keeping up with our LIVE updates, you’ll know we’ve been busy running around trying ALL of the new (and old!) favorites from the Fest. Right now we’re coming at you with a review for Goshiki in the Japan Pavilion! A sushi donut and more call this booth home. Should you stop by and give them a try?


Japan’s Goshiki was known as Takumi Table back in 2019, but for the past few years it’s gone under its new name. This year, this spot is serving up a delicious festival favorite, as they have in years past.

Goshiki Menu

Gone, however, are the Vegetable Gyoza and Stone Garden from last year’s menu. But the 2022 menu does feature one new food item and one new drink item — let’s see what we’ve got!


The new food item at this booth is the Chicken Kushiage. This is described as breaded and fried chicken with yum yum sauce and vegetables. We actually REALLY enjoyed this dish!

The chicken is very tender and felt like it was freshly fried. The outside was very crispy and delicious! The yum yum sauce had a tiny bit of spice to it, but not too much. It also had a nice sweetness to it which balanced out that bit of spice, so we feel like it’s still a pretty good choice that would work with most palettes (a.k.a. don’t be afraid of the yum yum sauce!).

Chicken Kushiage

We liked that the chicken pieces are boneless, making them relatively easy to eat and share. And if you’re visiting with a friend who doesn’t eat meat, they can steal some of those veggies off your plate as a snack (unless you eat them first!).

The seaweed salad tasted (to us) like a traditional seaweed salad — very sesame oil-based, a nice crunch, and a good flavor. We thought the addition of the asparagus was nice (especially paired with a bit of the yum yum sauce). It offered a fresh and different flavor that nicely breaks up the flavor and texture of the chicken.

What Do You Think?

The rest of the vegetables on the plate were fairly plain but add another layer of crunch and a touch of freshness to the fried dish. You can get the newest dish for $8.50

Next up we have the returning Sushi Donut. This is a donut-shaped sushi roll featuring salmon, tuna, shrimp, cucumber, and sesame seeds over wasabi aïoli, sriracha, and eel sauce. The ingredients appear to be the same as they were last year.

Sushi Donut | 2020

This item tends to be a pretty popular dish at this spot. It’s particularly fun because it’s shaped like a donut! It’s also colorful, making it a great item to photograph.

In terms of taste, when we’ve had this dish in the past the fish has been VERY FRESH! Our experience with this sushi donut from previous festivals is that the fish practically melts in your mouth.

Sushi Donut

We have also loved the spicy sauces that complement the fish too. You can grab this fan favorite for $8.50.


Moving on to drinks, we’ve got the NEW Niseko Flurry cocktail. This drink is a combination of sake, rum, white cranberry juice, Bols blue curaçao, and lime juice! This drink is PRETTY. Like going on Instagram A.S.A.P. pretty. Like find the best lighting and reflections and put it on stories and a post pretty. Okay so maybe we don’t want Blue Curacao in everything but we’re totally okay with it here ’cause it’s making this drink look gorgeous.

Niseko Flurry

This drink was really pretty, so we had some high hopes for how it would taste. But…it wasn’t quite what we had wished for. At least to us, the drink sort-of tasted like Blue Gatorade (which isn’t a bad thing if you want Blue Gatorade but it’s not a great thing for this particular drink).

It was extremely sweet! We could taste the rum, but we didn’t really get much of a sake flavor. If you don’t like sake, that might be a good thing for you though!

So Pretty

There was a tiny bit of tartness from the cranberry and/or the lime juice, but overall it was really sweet. Oh and it turns your tongue blue too so BE WARNED! Our reporter shared that the drink smelled like alcohol more than it tasted like it. So if you’re looking for a sweet, pretty (totally Instagrammable) drink that doesn’t have a strong alcohol taste, then this might be for you.

You can get this for $8.

Niseko Flurry

You can also get the Fuyu Winter Ale here for $5 for a 6-oz serving and $9.50 for a 12-oz serving.

Additionally, you can get the Masu Sake in a traditional personalized wooden cup here for $13. This is another fan-favorite since it can make for a really fun and unique souvenir! Plus you get some sake with it too!

Masu Sake in a Personalized Wooden Cup

The final item you can get here is just a bottle of water.


Overall, we thought this booth delivers in the snacks and unique souvenir department. The sushi donut is a fan-favorite and has been very tasty when we’ve tried it in the past. The new chicken dish was really good in our opinion with nice flavors and a great crispiness to it. The new drink was GORGEOUS (seriously, just so pretty to photograph) but it missed the mark for us on flavor. It might be a total win for you though if you’re looking for a sweet drink that doesn’t really have a strong alcohol taste, so that’s something to keep in mind!

Goshiki Spread

We’ll be in EPCOT all day long bringing you updates, so keep an eye out for more reviews!

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