Would You Pay $25 to Eat REAL GOLD in Disney World?!

We’re expecting a lot of sparkles and glitter during Disney World’s 50th anniversary, and in this case, you can actually EAT. GOLD.

Vivoli il Gelato

Vivoli il Gelato is located in Disney Springs, and they’re known for having more than a dozen flavors of gelato and sorbet. They also offer special seasonal flavors, like the beer ice cream we tried recently. Now they have a new special 50th anniversary treat, and it involves eating gold.

The Golden Jubilee is a new Vivoli il Gelato gelato shake made with white chocolate hazelnut with a waffle cone, caramel sauce, and whipped cream. Are you wondering where the gold is? It’s in the sprinkles, which are 23k edible gold sprinkles! It costs a whopping $25.

Golden Jubilee

Yes, that is real gold, and it’s safe to eat! Warning: You might feel extra expensive after eating this treat. Not only is the Golden Jubilee stunning, but it’s also delicious. We loved the hazelnut flavor and combined with the white chocolate and caramel sauce, this drink was nicely balanced, and it wasn’t overly sweet.


The shimmering white chocolate waffle cone added a nice crunch and was fun to eat after we finished the drink. The biggest issue we had with the Golden Jubilee was the $25 price tag, which is pretty steep for a single drink. But, it does have real gold sprinkles, so you decide how fancy you want to be during your next visit to Disney Springs!

Golden Jubilee

So if you want to eat gold, you might want to visit Vivoli il Gelato in Disney Springs and make sure you budget for the $25 price tag. And keep checking back with DFB for more 50th anniversary coverage!

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