What’s New at EPCOT: A Buffet Returns and a TERRIFYING Souvenir

Welcome back, DFB friends! We’re here with another What’s New at EPCOT!

EPCOT’s France Pavilion

We’ve got plenty of updates to share with you! A fan-favorite spot has celebrated a big anniversary, buffets are back in the Germany pavilion, we spotted some pumpkin treats you might want to try, and more! Let’s dive right on in!

EPCOT Food Updates

Mexico Pavilion

Recently, one of our favorite bars in Disney World — La Cava del Tequila — celebrated its 12th anniversary! We stopped by the bar this weekend to celebrate by making our very own boozy snowcones! (We know, we caught your attention now, right?) La Cava had a Make Your Own Raspados offering for $20 where we were able to mix and match with different choices of toppings, syrups, liqueurs, and more!

Happy anniversary, La Cava del Tequila!

Guests could choose from three syrup combinations, like Strawberry and Pomegranate, Mango and Blood Orange, and Pineapple and Ginger

Ooh, which syrup do we want?

…fun toppings, like Rainbow Drops, Explosion Candy (a.k.a. Pop Rocks), and Unicorn Dust


…salts for the rim of your drink, like Chile Poblano Salt, Black Ant Salt, and Popcorn Salt

Rim salts

…two spirits, like Jolly Rancher Infused Cintenela Tequila and Skittles Infused Ilegal Mezcal, and three liqueurs, like Lejay Blackcurrant Liqueur, Nixta Corn Liqueur, and Orange Blue Curacao.


We decided to make our own unique DFB drink with Black Ant Salt, Strawberry and Pomegranate Syrup, Lejay Blackcurrant Liqueur, Jolly Rancher Infused Tequila, and Pop Rocks. And, yes, it was JUST as good as it sounds!

Read more about our boozy snowcone creation here!

Germany Pavilion — Biergarten

If you’ve been missing buffets in Disney World, you’ll be happy to know that Biergarten in EPCOTs Germany Pavilion has officially brought back its buffet!

Inside Biergarten

Guests are required to wear masks indoors including when they are serving themselves at the buffet. But, guests are allowed to remove their masks when actively eating and drinking at their table.

Masks must be worn indoors.

The buffet had options like German-style meats, veggies…

Chicken and Green Beans

…a salad bar…




…the famous Cheese and Beer Soup…

This stuff is GOOD.


Um…we’ll just take one of each

…and SO MUCH more!

The full spread

Compared to the sometimes more ordinary buffet food you can find elsewhere, Biergarten could be a great option if you’re looking for more unique food options in buffet form.

Click here to see more about the return of Biergarten’s buffet service in EPCOT!

Germany Pavilion — Karamell-Küche

You might love heading to Karamell-Küche for caramel popcorn, but now you might want to stop by for Fall-flavored Werther’s Caramels! You can indulge in Pumpkin Spice Soft Caramels

Pumpkin Spice Caramels

…and Caramel Apple Soft Caramels for $9.99 per bag.

Apple Caramels

There are also Sugar-Free Hard Caramels that come in a mini version for $2.49.

Sugar Free Mini Caramels

Anybody else ready to eat these instead of Halloween candy?

Take a look at the Fall-flavored caramels here!

Japan Pavilion

In big news from the Japan pavilion, Tokyo Dining is welcoming guests again in EPCOT! The restaurant is set to be open from 2 PM to 8 PM, but will begin closing at 9 PM starting September 2nd. Tokyo Dining is set to be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week, and will only accepting walk-ins for the time being. Operating hours, dates, and reservation requirements can change, however, so be sure to check what rules are in place during your visit.

Tokyo Dining

The tables currently have QR menu as well as a paper dessert menu.

Chopsticks and hand wipes included!

While we were there, we had items like the Kamo Roast with sliced duck breast, Asian mushrooms, and Arima Sansho drizzled with duck sauce


Tempura/Sushi Roll Combo with shrimp, onion, asparagus, and red bell peppers


Chocolate Ginger Cake, which features a ginger-spiced layer cake, chocolate mousse, and dark chocolate ganache with rose crystal and raspberry

Chocolate Ginger Cake

…and the Momo Whiskey Sour made with whiskey, peach schnapps, and sour mix.

So good

If you’re a big fan of Tokyo Dining or have always wanted to try this spot, now you can check it out during your next trip to EPCOT.

Check out the newly reopened Tokyo Dining here!

Shimmering Sips

As we walked around EPCOT and past some of the booths at EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival, we saw that the Stemless Flute Corkcicle is out of stock at Shimmering Sips at the moment!

Shimmering Sips

It’s our understanding that it should be restocked soon, so be sure to see what the situation is like when you visit.

Click here to see more about the Food & Wine Festival!

EPCOT Merchandise Updates

Italy Pavilion

Disney usually isn’t a very scary place. But, when we saw the Rabbit Mask in the Italy Pavilion, we honestly were a TERRIFIED.

Just as terrifying up close…

We spotted the mask next to the Paint Your Own Mask section of the store. The rabbit mask is a wearable accessory perfect for Halloween this year.

Inside of the mask

Even though it’s pretty creepy, the painted details and craftsmanship are beautiful and very impressive!

Creepy from every angle

If you want to be a spooky version of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland this Halloween, you can take home this mask for $360. Or, you can always make your own DIY mask starting at $30 in the Italy Pavilion instead.

Take a look at the scary Rabbit Mask in EPCOT here!

China Pavilion

Do you love dressing your pets up for Halloween? If you do, we may have found the perfect costume for your pet this year because there’s a PUMPKIN Pet Costume at the House of Good Fortune in the China Pavilion!

Who needs a PSL when you have this?!

Your pet will look like a mini jack-o-lantern as you pose together in your best Halloween outfits this Fall.

I mean just. look. at. it.

You can take this outfit home for your pet for $25 (and grab a PSL for yourself in Disney World while you’re at it).

Check out the Pumpkin Dog Costume here!

Japan Pavilion

If you love Ramen noodles, you’re going to want to stop what you’re doing because there is a CUP NOODLES collection in EPCOT! You can find themed slippers for $22.95

Cup Noodles Slippers

a lunch bag for $19.95

Cup Noodles Lunch Bag

a mini backpack for $24.95

Cup Noodles Backpack

…and a tote bag for $24.95!

Cup Noodles Tote Bag

Now we are totally craving some ramen!

Mexico Pavilion

If you love hot sauce, then you might want to head over to the Mexico Pavilion for a gift set that features two different sauces to give your next meal a kick!

Hot Sauce Set

And, while you’re there, you can also pick up the restocked sombrero for $23.95!


What’s your favorite souvenir from the Mexico pavilion? Tell us in the comments!

Mouse Gear

Over at Mouse Gear we found a few newer items for you to bring home. Now, you can take home a Food & Wine Festival serving tray for $19.99. We’ve seen this announced before and it is available online, but we hadn’t seen it in person.

Food and Wine Tray

You can also grab a Food & Wine Festival wine glass for $14.99

Food and Wine Glass

…and a magnet for $12.99 to add to your growing collection!

Food and Wine Magnet

You can also find ACTUAL food in Mouse Gear too with the Mickey Pumpkin Bucket

Mickey Candy Pumpkins

…that has candy corn inside for $8.99!

Mickey Candy Pumpkins

Plus, you can add a little pizazz to your tea when you use the Alice in Wonderland Honey Stirring Wands!

Alice in Wonderland Honey Stirrers

Can’t get enough of Baby Yoda? Then you probably can’t wait to share a snack with the Snacking Grogu Figure for $19.99! We’ll pass on eating actual frogs for now though, friend. If you’ve been looking for this toy or just love all things Grogu, now you can check this out in Mouse Gear.

Grogu Toy

While we didn’t see any Popcorn Crocs or Popcorn Minnie Ears, Mouse Gear had the Popcorn Mickey Loungefly Backpack in the store.

Mickey Popcorn Loungefly

If you’re on the hunt for this bag, check Mouse Gear next time you’re in the park to see if it’s still available.

Gateway Gifts

We love bringing home beautiful photos from our Disney vacations that will last a lifetime. The stunning Mickey Frame we spotted recently has been restocked at Gateway Gifts

So cute!

…and it could be perfect way to display your favorite Disney photos of your family and friends!

Beautiful frame!

While we were there, we also spotted a new-to-us Mickey Hat for $27.99

Mickey Hat

…and a new-to-us Spider-Man water bottle for $27.99!

Spider-Man Water Bottle

The water bottle can totally help you stay hydrated in style!

EPCOT Construction Updates


During our recent trip, we noticed that the FastPass sign had been removed from the entrance to Soarin’.

Bye, FastPass

Disney World will be shifting to paid FastPass-like systems later and FastPass lanes are being renamed “Lightning Lanes.” It’s possible this removal is being made in anticipation of those eventual changes.

Living with the Land

We’ve been keep an eye on Living with the Land recently, as the attraction has remained closed in Disney World for well over a week! Cast Members said they were having technical issues, but they would hopefully have it sorted soon.

Living with the Land Closure

Of course, we’ll keep you updated when the attraction opens again!

Parking Lot

We’ve been spotted 50th Anniversary banners at some of the Disney World theme parks. Now, EPCOT has received its own set of banners around the parking lot and tram loading sections that have us super excited for all the celebrations!

50th Anniversary Banner

Well, that’s all for this What’s New at EPCOT! We’ll catch you next time for more updates. If you have any questions about your Disney vacation, let us know so we can help you find the answers! Stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney entertainment and news!