The Halloween Food Problem You May Run Into in Magic Kingdom Today

Yesterday, we shared a full look at all of the Halloween treats coming to Disney World soon, and we’ve already been making our way through some of them today!

Happy Halloween from Main Street, U.S.A.!

A number of spooktacular treats are set to be released in Magic Kingdom starting today, only 2 of which were listed as items that would be exclusive to Disney After Hours Boo Bash. But, as we made our way around Magic Kingdom today to get those other treats that were not listed as Boo Bash exclusives, we encountered a bit of a problem.

As we shared above, a number of Halloween treats were set to be released in Magic Kingdom today including the Prince John Sucker, a Mocha Chocolate Chip, a Maleficent Churro, and more. Again, only 2 of the treats at Magic Kingdom were listed as being exclusive items only available to those attending Boo Bash.

Those 2 items were the Foolish Mortal Funnel Cake and the Apple Ginger Dale. Our understanding, based on Disney’s announcement, was that the other treats (the ones not identified as Boo Bash exclusives) would be available all day to regular Magic Kingdom guests.

Fall in Magic Kingdom!

So, this morning we made our way to Magic Kingdom bright and early to check out those all-day treats. First, we went to find a Maleficent Churro (churro covered in chocolate cookie crumble drizzled with purple icing topped with green and purple sugar).

But, when we stopped by the snack carts in Magic Kingdom, Cast Members informed us that the Maleficent Churro would ONLY be sold during Boo Bash. Another Cast Member said that they didn’t get a lot of product in this year which could be why it is being limited to Boo Bash hours.

Main Street, U.S.A. Pumpkins

Next we made our way to Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies for the Prince John Sucker (Tart green apple lemonade slush topped with whipped cream and a ring pop). Again, this was not identified in Disney’s guide as a treat that would be exclusive to Boo Bash. But, when we arrived at Auntie Gravity’s, two Cast Members said the slush is a Boo Bash exclusive.

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies

The mystery continues!! Would the Five Dozen Egg Slush from Storybook Treats suffer a similar fate? It seems so! When we visited Storybook Treats today, the Cast Member there told us it is ONLY for Boo Bash guests (despite it not having been identified as such by Disney when they released the list of Halloween treats coming to the parks).

Five Dozen Egg Slushy

The only treat left for us to check on is the Mocha Chocolate Chip (Frozen mocha topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and a sugar acorn) from Golden Oak Outpost. We’ll be checking back on this later today and will update this post.

Currently, the Boo Bash website and the Disney Parks Blog post still only lists 2 treats (the funnel cake and Ginger Dale drink) as event-exclusive items. But, it seems that the other items coming to Magic Kingdom may also turn out to be event-exclusive items as well.

Pumpkins in Magic Kingdom

Keep in mind that tonight is the first night of Boo Bash, so things could change. These treats could pop up in the parks for regular day guests to enjoy later today, or at a later date during the Halloween season. But, for right now it seems many of these treats may only be available to those who pay to attend Boo Bash.

Note that Boo Bash tickets are separate from regular park admission. That means that unless you buy the separate ticket for the event, you won’t be able to participate in its special events or enjoy its special offerings — including (potentially) these treats.

Disney After Hours BOO Bash ©Disney

We’ll keep an eye out for more updates on this and let you know what we find.

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