The Average Cost to Fly to Disney World for September

Thinking of visiting Disney World in September? Well, there are a few things you should know before you go.

We’re On Our Way

Ahead of your trip, you’ll want to book your Park Passes and see if availability has changed, make sure you’ve got all of your dining reservations set up (and see if any restaurants have reopened since your last visit), and you’ll want to take a look at the latest construction updates. But, one of the biggest things you’ll need to figure out is your travel arrangements. Wondering what it will cost you to fly to Disney World in September? We’re breaking down all the information you need to know right here!

This article would be far too long if we looked at every single airport in the United States (or in the world). So for purposes of this post, we looked at some of the biggest airports in the US and compared what it would cost to fly from each one (on different airlines) in September. Specifically, we looked at the same airlines and airports as we did for our post about airfare costs to visit Disney World in August.

Flight from Orlando

We mainly checked the prices for a flight departing on September 9th (Thursday) and returning on September 13th (Monday), essentially a quick weekend trip. This weekend was fairly representative of much of the month in terms of cost. There were some more expensive days right at the beginning of the month, and one date (the 17th) that showed higher roundtrip prices when compared to the other days according to, so just keep that in mind.

© — This was for our search for flights from New York

Also, keep in mind that each airline comes with its own set of perks and/or drawbacks associated with its ticket prices. So, some airlines may charge you a bit more but their base ticket will include seat selection and a carry-on bag (and even some checked bags in certain cases), while others will offer cheaper tickets without those options. That can all factor into the cost and your choice in selecting an airline. Also, these costs are generally the base price but there may be additional taxes, fees, etc.

Time to Fly

Also note that for each of these airlines, we took a look at the least expensive combination of flights (i.e. the cheapest departing flight combined with the cheapest return flight) and the most expensive combination of flights. You may, however, be able to/need to set up a different combination of flights — perhaps a cheaper departing flight but slightly more expensive returning flight, depending on your needs.

Orlando International Airport

For Southwest specifically, we only looked at the “Wanna Get Away” options that were available. For Delta, United, American Airlines, and Spirit we ended up utilizing the Google flight search feature. Since that was from the Google flight search feature, be aware that prices may be cheaper or more expensive when you visit each airline’s respective website to book. Also, all of our prices are round trip costs.

Alright, let’s get started!

New York (JFK or LaGuardia)

Southwest: For Southwest, we found flights from La Guardia to Orlando during the time period we checked. The cheapest flight (under the Wanna Get Away type) was about $223.96 per person, round trip. The most expensive was $736.26 per person.

Delta: From what we saw, the cheapest combination from Delta was from La Guardia to Orlando and it was priced at $137. One of the most expensive combinations was from JFK and it was priced at $1,145 round trip, though there was another for $695.

United: For United, the cheapest combination was priced at $155 from La Guardia. The most expensive set of flights from La Guardia to Orlando (and back) for this trip were priced at around $873.

Southwest Airline Policies

American Airlines: From La Guardia airport, you could grab a flight to Orlando (and back) for $137 round trip. One of the most expensive flights (to and back to La Guardia) was priced at $668.

Spirit: If you’re looking for some very cheap flights out of New York, Spirit had some options from La Guardia for $86 round trip. The more expensive options were around $304.

Los Angeles (LAX)

Southwest: For Southwest, the cheapest flight during our proposed time from LAX to Orlando (and back) was $235.97 per person. The most expensive flights were priced at a combined total of $863.96.

Delta: For Delta, the cheapest combined flight from LAX to Orlando was about $221 per trip, while the most expensive was $761.

United: United was priced even cheaper at around $199 for a round trip from LAX. Its most expensive option was around $844.

Orlando International Airport

American Airlines: Flying out of LAX on American Airlines will cost you a bit more it seems. The cheapest flight was $256 round trip, while one of the most expensive flights was $855.

Spirit: Spirit Airlines wins again with the cheapest flights here, with the least expensive combination priced at $136 from LAX. One of the more expensive options was priced at $617.

Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

Southwest: From Chicago O’Hare, Southwest’s cheapest combined flight was $206.97, while the most expensive combination of departing and returning flights was $700.26 per person.

Delta: The cheapest Delta combination of flights was $213 round trip, while the most expensive was $597.

United: From Chicago to Orlando, the cheapest combination of United flights was priced at $157 round trip. The most expensive trip was around $644.

Travel Advisory Sign in Orlando Airport

American Airlines: American Airlines’ cheapest flight combination here was priced at around $202 round trip, while one of the most expensive combination of tickets was priced at $744 round trip.

Spirit: Spirit’s cheapest combo of flights could get you out of Chicago, to Orlando, and back for $74 round trip. The more expensive options were priced at $257.

Dallas (Love Field or Fort Worth)

Southwest: Departing from Love Field, the cheapest combination of flights for our proposed days was $203.96. The most expensive combo was priced at $859.46.

Delta: With Delta, the flights we looked at departed from Dallas Fort Worth. For a flight with Delta from Dallas to Orlando (and back), you’re looking at around $235 for a round trip, ranging up to $664 per round trip.

On the Plane

United: United was priced at $266 round trip in terms of its cheapest options. But there were other flights that went all the way up to $716 per person. Again, these were out of and back to Dallas Fort Worth.

American Airlines: From Dallas Fort Worth, American Airlines had cheaper flights priced at $240 round trip, with other options going up to $722 per trip.

Spirit: Out of Dallas Fort Worth, Spirit Airlines had some round trip flights to Orlando priced at $92. The most expensive options were around $306.

Atlanta (ATL)

Southwest: From Atlanta, the cheapest combination of flights from Southwest was priced at $165.96. The most expensive mix of flights was priced at $532.96.

Delta: Delta was priced a bit cheaper than Southwest (at least according to Google) and was $137 for the cheapest round-trip flights. One of the more expensive combinations was priced at $427.

United: Out of Atlanta, the cheapest combination of flights on United was priced at $224, but the most expensive was $774.

Face Mask Sign in Seattle Airport

American Airlines: American Airlines had a fairly cheap option out of (and back to) Atlanta, priced at $162 round trip. One of the most expensive flights was priced at $690.

Spirit: Spirit’s flights from Atlanta could send you to Orlando and back for $53 round trip. More expensive options were priced at $433.

Denver (DEN)

Southwest: Out of Denver, Southwest’s cheapest flight combo was priced at $217.96. The most expensive combination of “Wanna Get Away” priced tickets was $859.46.

Delta: The cheapest combination from Denver to Orlando from Delta (and back) was priced at $215 per person, while the most expensive was $577.

United: Want to fly United out of Denver to Orlando (and back)? The cheapest flights we could find would cost you a total of $217 per round trip, while some of the most expensive flights were priced at $741.

Orlando International Airport

American Airlines: American Airlines flights from Denver were priced at $252 round trip in terms of the cheapest option, and ranged all the way up to $676 round trip.

Spirit: From Denver, it seems the cheapest Spirit flights were at around $135 round trip. The most expensive flights were around $347 round trip.

Orlando International Airport

What we did next is averaged together all of the prices on the cheaper end from all of the airports, and then did the same for the more expensive prices. Altogether, the average price to fly to Disney World in September ranged from about $181.86 on the cheaper side, to $664.48 on the more expensive side.

Again, keep in mind that this will all depend on where you’re flying from, what type of tickets you buy, what days you decide to fly, and other factors. And keep in mind that these prices can and will fluctuate daily!

Orlando International Airport Spring Break Crowds

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