PHOTOS: Sneak Peek at Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Merchandise Collection!

Disney World’s 50th anniversary is almost here!

Cinderella Castle

Starting October 1st, we’ll see an elaborate 18-month celebration for 50 years of Walt Disney World. There is SO much planned, like a new fireworks show, golden character statues, and a brand new ride opening! We haven’t seen a ton in terms of merchandise for the occasion, but that all changes today, because we just got a sneak peek of the merch coming for Disney’s 50th anniversary!!

And we mean a literal sneak peek because Disney only gave us a few glimpses of the new collection! What could this be? It looks similar to the updated Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom!


And then there’s this picture, which we’re preeeetty sure it’s something similar to that crazy popular Mickey soap dispenser!


From the looks of the upper right corner of this picture, it looks like this could be a glimpse at some Mickey ears?


And finally, a glimpse of Cinderella Castle printed on something. Is is a plate? A bowl? An ornament?!


Don’t worry if you can’t guess what everything is, because Disney said on Friday, August 6th, they’ll be revealing new details about the collection. Hopefully, that means we’ll get some full pictures! We’ll keep you updated when those new details drop, so stay tuned to DFB!

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What do you think all of these items are? Let us know in the comments!

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